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GOT LL Roster '94


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Here’s another guild member list I found. It’s from around June ’94 and I believe the guild is GOT…

Here’s the list of Lance Lair members and their mailbox numbers:

AJAX -PRN- 108064
Bortog -HG- 93733
Mephisto -DK- 107023
Bob -BRD- 117142
Raanter -CPN- 109370
Ozob -KNT- 89475
Filudrie -CG- 110185
Konan -CG- 117933
Kixter -SQ- 114739
Cinny -HM- 112770
Dulcinea -HM- 104589
Gabriel -HM- 125437
Grunt -HM- 118528
Jester -HM- 119923
Laina -HM- 58946
Navic -HM- 81120
Pagan -HM- 100392
Raistlin -HM- 125293
Ren O Blade -HM- 121416
Sandstone -HM- 94610
Shadow -HM- 941
Sloth -HM- 121905
Stonefist -HM- 68557
Warpath -HM- 117715

From your prince,


Konan, Pagan, Laina and I later joined SOR.


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Navic, Greetings! I have lots of MRA Rosters around...hopefully I can find one soon and I'll post it (or them).

Empress of MRA


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Hail Leah :/

That sounds great, I'm always on the look-out for cold ale and Guild Rosters. Please share if ya have either of them :lol: