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Hail all and Welcome


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Ah, the infamous Mass. party.. I remember it well. If I recall, Shali and I were in Atlanta during it and had talked to some? We were having somewhat of a party in the room.. I think I had like 2,000 + free house margaritas I smuggled upstairs. A young guy was there.. very skittish.. I dunno, he left sometime in the middle of the night after we crashed. Freylon was it?

We also had another INN'er there.. Rosber.. The lad was very drunk and distraught over the party if I recall. Good fella, just lots on his mind...

Alaric.. met him at a party at Chandra's place along with a few others whose names escape me. He was a bit annoying. Such is the lot of the young and uninitiated.


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Cyren said:
I've lost track of so many people, it's a shame. Some of them don't Google worth a damn.

Oh, and tell me about it.. my character name doesn't Google well, especially since they made those damn Bourne movies. I've ceased using it in the games I play.. people always make Jason Bourne references to me and I have to explain the character is much older than those movies.

I was down in Tampa for Marco's 50th birthday at some cajun place. Kajira threw a great party and hired his favorite band from Lousiana so yea, they're doing well. Nice place they have.. and they brew beer and make wine. What more can one ask of hosts?


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Good to see you back, Bourne :)

And thanks for jogging a memory cell for me. In one of my posts I was looking for someone, and wouldn't you know it, I posted their lesser known (to most) Alt names. :D

So, anyone keep in contact with Wandreth?


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I'm afraid we lost track of Wandreth, such a lovely lady. That was a woman whose every move and word was graceful.

Of course, I was not deserving of grace, always pinching her husband's ass. All she said about it was:

"I think he is after you. He went after me for six months. He does not give up."

Amen sister. Or sister in law? It gets confusing. Anyway, it was an honor to be in her presence always. I should have listened. I thought she was kidding. This was the guy that I used to laugh at when he said stuff like "Oh my god! She's only 14!" I'd reboot if I got cornered. I thought I was safe.

Silly, silly lady not listening to her elders. Wandreth is my hero. I should make a T-shirt..."What would Wandreth Do?"



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'Bout damned time ya showed up here, Bourne! I take it my ICQ message finally reached ya :wink:

Navic... If I'd but known ye had a masochistic streak, I coulda been tossing ya through and into things long ago... All ye had to do was say so :p


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<Jukebox play'n... "Are you ready Slo, "aha" Tiger, "yeah" IH, "ok" "Alright fellas, let's go">
Bourne said:
(Grabs Navic and throws him out the window)
Woot! <does a double axle cannon ball thru the window (thinking Cyren's gonna kill me) Thud!>
It's offical... I'm the first post-TSN/INN person to get tossed out a tav window!
Well met Bourne, drinks on me tonight my friend! <sneaks in the back to get the good stuff>

IH, I'm in training for when I get to LOG and get tossed around by the Giants :p


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Navik does a double axle cannon ball thru the window (thinking Cyren's gonna kill me) <Thud!>

Cyren holds up a sign saying 7.5.


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What surprises me is that I wasn't one of the first to get tossed out a window since, as a gnome, I'm rather used to being punted around. :)

Guess I have been low-key enough to not attact any attention...yet.


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So sayeth Bourne:

at a party at Chandra's place along with a few others whose names escape me. He was a bit annoying. Such is the lot of the young and uninitiated.

Chandra! That was her name... I was there, too, it was an... interesting evening. I have pictures of you behaving the barb, should I scan & post? <grin>


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Indeed!? I take it the pictures aren't pretty since I seemingly was the only one getting drunk that night.. (even drinking at all?) I knew there was someone else there whose name escaped me... you were from the Northeast if I recall correctly? I just vaguely remember watching Monty Python and Disney movies whilst semi-passed out on the floor being forever tickled by pixies in the very wee hours of the morn.


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So, anyone keep in contact with Wandreth?
Your best bet would be through Katz, who you can reach through Steelcelt or Bloodcelt. I have no idea how long it's been since she heard from her, but she was the last person known to me to have been contacted by Wandreth.