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Heroes - Season 3


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Duuuuude! Tonight is the night!!! So ready! All cought up on the comics, Ready for a Heroes-gazim!

Did... I just say that outloud?


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I have it set to record twice, I'm a dork that way I guess. Although I am not all caught up on everything as I should be. I read the description and I don't even remember who was shot.....Last season was all messed up for me with the writer's strike.


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Sweet episode. Not sure if I really like the good guys gonna be bad guys route and such nor the dead people, or the different but same people.....Nikki not Nikki, Petrelli 1/2 crazy, Peter almost a bad (or dumb) arse. but well worth the time I spent watching it.


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PresentPeter, with a case of confused identity, is associating with a group of merry thugs.

What is this? Season 2?

Claire Bennett, hurting herself while filming. Is this some shallow way of bringing back the season 1 vibe?

And what happened to Caitlyn? Is she stuck in the alternative virus future? Probably not, but you have to love how they didn't address the issue.

Hiro having a new rival is cool. His new conflict over Ando could be interesting. My guess is, it will be Hiro that will go morally gray, and Ando will have a problem with this, thus starting the conflict. Future Hiro season 3 seems kind of mafia to me, but we shall see!

I think Jessica Sanders' death was faked. So we're seeing Jessica with a new identity, and her power is cryokinesis.

Mohinder is stupid as usual. He was in a rush to get powers (I thought he acted like a mad scientist) and now he has what appears to be leprosy.

Parkman talking to the turtle was gold. I hope his plot will be interesting, and that he can connect to other characters soon.

Sylar is way over the top, but it suits him. I hope we'll see Adam come back. I'd like to see how he interacts with Sylar and the other villains.

Sylar being Angela's son is a demented idea. Does EVERYONE have to be related to one another? In the graphic novels, it was alluded that Adam's numerous families formed over the past 400 years were the ancestors of the current Heroes. Isn't that enough linkage?

I hope Elle finds purpose. Between her father and Angela, she has been treated quite badly.

I was sorry to see Bob go. I liked Stephen Tobolowsky's performance. EDIT: Ah never mind, read this http://heroesspoilers-odi.blogspot.com/2008/09/bobs-death-explained.html

Angela is as *****y as ever.

I'd be very curious to know if Linderman is truly there in spirit form or if Nathan is going insane.

Overall, I'm looking forward to seeing new episodes, but I get the feeling it will not even come close to surpassing season 1.


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Still not pumped about bringing back all the old powers - future painting guy, Nikki dead but has a look alike, Sylar as a good guy but still a killer, I'm sure it will grow on me a bit because I did like the first season "group" and thought they might get to many "mutants" in the show....I still like the show :)


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Me either really... To me, I feel a sense of gap between the season premier and this latest episode. It just seems like filler ya know? Like they jumped in to fast. Regardless however, the idea of a clone situation is interesting, would shut up some of those nay sayers calling foul because of Niki/Jessica return... Still wish they'd cut out the future jumping though. Didn't they watch Back to the Future at all? Don't they know you can't change the past, and expect to jump forward to the same point in the future?


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WTF??? Has the wrold of Heroes gone tipsy turvy? Don't tell me, that they plan to write this season off as an alternite past, from the future everyone seems to be seeing alot of. Because if "Things have changed" according to Peter, then WHY is the future still as is? And Ando???? WTF?

EDIT: On a much lighter note... TOYS!


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The company had some left over blood? Hmmmm... No... Cuz, then... If that was the case, the Gen Research company wouldn't need Adam for his healing blood... Me confused.


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Does Level 5 take security lessons from the US government or something? People walk in and out of there like a McDonalds.