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Q: I'm having trouble fighting and defeating the dralks, what should I do?
A: The best fighting tactic to defeat them is by using the Channel skill, which decreases their "agility" against magic. Then cast Backfire, then try and control. If you are fighting Juvalad and are Chaotic, then when you attempt to fight him you won't be able to use spells - only don't tell him that! He will spend most of his time trying to attack you with spells that won't work, so just beat the crud out of him with your weapons. This also applies to Pluthros if you are Harmonic; otherwise, everything will stay the same. You should have at least 1 heal amphora and 1 mana amphora (or the Heal spell maxed) with you when fighting the dralks. Curse is also a good spell as it drops their defenses. Most of the time, your most lethal weapon will be simply attacking them. If you can get them controlled or at least petrified, then it will be rather easy. The Shield spell will also be useful, and if you are fighting a dralk who uses magic, Resist won't hurt either. It's also a good idea to use the special weapons against the dralks; the Hope's Fury is the most powerful talisman in the game; it boosts your stats greatly. Sadly, however, you can only get it once - and that's to fight Pluthros. Juvalad is also weak to the poison from the Flask of Shadowfall, even though it still only does 200 damage. The Reality's Rampart is a power shield to use against Corpeus, and most of the time, the Ice Flame and Nimbus of the Fates will boost your stats high enough so that you can defeat the Dralks you are fighting.