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Happy safe holidays for those coming soon and whoever you vote for I hope wins. Hope that comet misses in 2012. *sips some ale out of a golden jeweled goblet with her name on it* ^^


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Hiya Vena LTNS,,, what realms do you venture in these days? ever hear from Haze? quiet round here, but there is still foot traffic in these halls,.... Slo


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2005 you asked me about Haze via email too and I replied but not here. As of today still no word. I hope he's ok, not like him to vanish, but life is not easy as we all go through difficult times. I miss you all. Tiger and Sidd too. Say hello to Ruby for me :)

God Bless you all on this site from the past in 2009 and the years to come.



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Psssst... Sidd, ya hear that? She misses us to... Almost like we're some kinda trouble makers or something... Like, "Gee, even though Tiger and Sidd are the worst people in Fear Forest, I still miss them."

I am complete now.. Vena misses me... LOL