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In honor of Kit.


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~/ I hesitate posting this because I'm still just getting past the shock state, but the grief is setting in and I know that for many of you Kit was a personality you knew, so to tribute her correctly I want to do it while I'm feeling just vulnerable enough to pay her the respect she is due.

She was a Celt, for sure a personna that led me and my TNN buddy to view her as one of the finest roleplayers in KOY. She was vicious and ruthless and all around the vision of a vixen.

And she was my friend. We stayed in contact after Yserbius was no more, we continued to roleplay together in MUSHes and met yearly in real life at Gatherings, or just to visit a Ren Faire.

I was the keeper of the Blender of Doom, but she was the instigator of those who drank from it.

She was a friend and protector and mother-figure to two beautiful women who expanded their lives by knowing her.

We stopped talking a few years ago, just cause life happens and families happen and work happens, but I have pictures of the days where we gathered and lived life the way it was meant to be lived, pictures that come to mind even though I haven't looked at them in years.

I've emailed quite a few folks tonight, whom I haven't talked to in far too long to share the news of her passing. Friends I know likely share the same shock as me. She was our age, and clearly taken before her time.

And so lets visit the Tavern, and raise a silent glass. In tribute.

I love you Cyn. I'm sorry I didn't express it more often before it was too late.


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There are few people who have had such a profound inpact on my life as Cyn did. She had a challenging creative mind that made you work to keep up with her. I regret that she and I lost contact after we broke up and went our seperate ways, but I always assumed she would pop back up and there would be plenty of time to settle past accounts and laugh about the antics of her and her posse.

I'm still in shock or I would post something far more articulate and well thought.



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Aye for sure she had a place in the hearts from all of us that knew her. In the days when RPG was alive and well Kit was Rainstorms first wife. She drove him to drinking : ) She was indeed an incredible roleplayer and even more so as a person. My thoughts and prayers to all of those people who had the honor of knowing her.


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This takes me aback as much as Firedancer's passing did sigh. another great Yserbian has move to clear the path for the rest of us to follow one day. Rest Well knowing your time among us did not pass without notice.~/ ~/


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Kit would have appreciated the irony in this...

I had a dream last night about Yserbius and days of yore and all the people that made me smile and that included the Celts and their wonderful roleplaying. I resolved today to try and find as much that remained of that happy home and my search led me to Yserbius.org :) And there were all the taverns lined up like before and many of the people I knew then are residing in them still and I felt like time was sorta standing still. Kit would have laughted at how I felt time was standing still for the friends I made on TSN/INN while it rushed along in my life. She had such a wry sense of humor and would have *bonked* me in the way that only a Celt could!

(lifting a glass in toast) To friends made and lessons learned!


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Kit was a lot of people's "firsts". (cough)
(raises mug)

She was my first step-Mother (of many), and I have fond, very fond memories of her. She was as wicked and cunning as they come with more than a little of the devil in her.

I pray she's keeping a seat warm for me in the afterlife and leaves something left in the keg.

(ooc. I was stunned, horribly stunned. She was gone from this world much too soon and I regret not staying in touch these last few years. It has taught me a lesson about making that extra effort to keep tabs on people. I just never would have imagined I wouldn't have a chance to talk to her again)


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As with many, I had quite a few scenes with the character Kit and wenches such as she surely were partially to blame for Bourne's bald melon...

I never did know the creative player behind the character. As with most, I never reached out beyond the screen to get to know them either, but am glad she has made such a positive impact in so many lives.

She shone in an age when individuality and personality was prized in the online gaming world. I wish her well on her next journey.