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INN-vasion Reunion?

Would you go to INN-Vasion 200x Reunion?

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  • I can't decide, AfterShock Max goina be there?

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Vegas INNVasion

I can tell you that NWAngel was definately the Cruise director on the gatherings in Vegas. I know becuase RR and I helped her with stuff on some of them and we created the websited. As for the Vegas gatherings being the first... weeellll... there was this one bash out in Cali... Well... what happens in Cali stays in Cali. I'm sure if Lady Kiri or Oak were aroud they could tell you stories.. Anyway back to the point. I know Tiggy has been after me to get her in touch with him. She just moved and things are a bit hectic for her. I will ask her waht she thinks about it and ask her one more time to join the site.


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Hmmmm... I seem to remember hearing about that gathering... Wasn't it like, a few months before the Vegas one?

I imagin she is very busy moving... :D If she would help or consider doing it again, we here would back here... :D


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Ok, I'm here!! As Spell said I've been pretty busy moving from rainy Oregon to sunny (pollen free) Arizona and settling in. I'm playing on Everquest ALOT and attending their Fan Faires, I gotta say, attending is a lot less stressful then organizing:p I would more then likely attend, as long as it's not too close to April and the Atlanta FF.

I'd be more then happy to HELP out, give pointers to anyone that wanted to run the show, but I'm gettin too old (card carrying member of AARP now)for running the full thing myself (Tiger give me back my wheelchair!!)

We'll have to get Estelle to come, and bring her fiance, they can't get married till we all approve can they??

(on Drinal server on EQ most often as Tempting Fait, ONE of the mouthy red heads)


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NWAngel! Welcome to the great state of denial.. I mean Arizona! Wait... We don't have pollen? WTF??? Hey... Wait, thats dust... Argh... Damnit!

<Spins around in the wheelchair> Weeeeee!!!!!

Angel, drop me a line or add me to your IM, I gots me some questions a gathering organizer pro (geriatric, cough, cough, ) like yourself might know... 8O


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What would you all think about having it in Sept/Oct time frame? In Vegas of course.

There really isn't an Off Season in vegas... But it seems, from my findings that this time period is the cheapest... Any thoughts or additions?


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Sounds spiffy. I'm dragging Balor there for Valentine's Day, but I doubt we'll leave our room much - well - except for that porn show Fleetwood is going to want ALL the details, regarding. (did that sentence come out as badly as I think it did?) (Geez, I sounded like Slohand right there).

I'm up for another go in the Fall.


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I was thinking about this again the otherday... And while I would love to get one going, I don't think there's enough people interested in it, to justify the time and work that is requiered.

Also, we would like to wait untill such a time that YS Classic is more functional, or YS 2 is alot more showable. Maybe we can have our own lil E3 version... Cept... By ourselves.

I certinally would like to see one gather in Vegas, just for ol'times sake.


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Actually *furrowing her brow* thinking about this, Ive been to quite a few TSN get-togethers over the years ~

Dallas ~ Embassy Suites *beware the water cannons in the atrium!*

Las Vegas ~ Frontier Casino & Hotel (think this was the FIRST LV one)

Fresno ~ Piccadilly Hotel (we got to tour the TSN facilities in Oakhurst ~ who would have DREAMED the entire site was run off a bunch of 386s! housed in a bunch of falling apart, wood-frame homes!) BTW ~ does anyone here recall the New Year's Day when we were all madly anticipating playing all day at the weekend rate (no hourly charge - this was BEFORE the unlimited accounts came into play) and some GD A$$^^^^ shot out the telephone line (at midnight) that connected the TSN headquarters to the rest of the world? Talk about a DREARY New Year's Day! Boo-Hoo!!!

Suffield Connecticut ~ a "mini" gathering in my home at the time. We had a pretty good turnout!

Orlando/Kissimmee ~ Holiday Inn Kissimmee.

*smiling* Those were some GREAT times!

Oooooh! *slapping her forehead* Forgot all about those 2 fun TSN cruises on Royal Caribbean out of San Pedro! I think they came between Dallas and Las Vegas. Can't remember the names of the people who organized those, but still have lots of photos!

~~ AND ~~ *muttering under her breath about lately being afflicted with the deadly C-R-S condition* there was also the LANCASTER CA get-together, which I think came before the Orlando/Kissimmee one. Met Laughter there ~ along with a bunch of other people. Velvet was there, Frodo and a bunch of others whom I can't recall...


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Man, that would be sweet.... If we could get somone to help sponser the event, maybe we could offer discounts, regardless of where it is... But that doesn't look possible untill we get more people here continueaslly being involved. More people here having fun, ect. There's just not enough interest here to put the time and effert into something like that.

If anyone wants to try, good'on ya. Most the parties I've ever planned, tend to not turn out to well... Hehehe...


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True... But to make it worthwhile for a coordinator to put all the effort into it, enough people have to show up to at least break even. I remember NWAngel explaining on more then one occasion that it takes a lot of out of pocket money that you may or may not get back.

Even if you don't plan on events, or whatever, people, even if its subconsciously, will expect a certain level of entertainment and goodies.


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Since I work for VEGAS.com and LASVEGAS.com... if you all decide that a gathering is in order, I would certainly extend my "Friends and Family" rate to any INN member; which is what our costs is+ 5% to cover credit card fees...


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It's not really that hard to plan a "reunion" or "gathering. I've been doing it for another online game for 7 years now and we get anywhere between 11 and 40 people, depending on where it's held. We choose a different city every year to try do East/Central/West so we're near everyone at some time heh!

Did this ever happen? did it poop out? is there any interest? I think it would be fun :)


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Back in 94? I believe... NWAngel and friends put together a kickin party to bring us all together. She did a wonderful job of doing it for the next 3-4 years.... Well, It's been 10+ years since the first gathering... I think we, us here at Yserbius.org should consider a reunion.

The original gatherings took place in Vegas.... And seeing as how this is probably easiest place for people to gather, I think we should revisit INN-vasion!

What do you all think?
Las Vegas is the most inexpensive place to vacation there is. Unless of course you have a gambling problem. The airfares, hotels and just about everything are in competition for your business. It's easy to get a great rate there. I planned a "gathering" for another online game there and it was fabulous!


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Still is in expensive.... Prolly more now then ever. Problem now is, letting everyone know, and getting people to commit...


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Sounds like it will never happen. Maybe if people really went on and played the game it would be more realistic. Why would I go? I was 10-13 when I played, what would we talk about? What would we do? Just go to the WOW reunions when they happen... that's all you guys seem to talk about on this forum anyway. :evil: