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INN-vasion Reunion?

Would you go to INN-Vasion 200x Reunion?

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  • I can't decide, AfterShock Max goina be there?

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Doromo, you are over looking the point, and that is, people are using wow, EQ, and other game reunions as examples.

And what would we all talk about? Well a few things come to mind, like what did we all do after we left INN, Do you remember so and so, and what about that time so and so did this in the tavern, etc, etc..So there is lots to talk about.

And since no further word has been said about this subject, and sadly to say that the current economic situation still going on, any planed reunion might have to wait a few more years. :(


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Vegas, here I am! :)

Since the last gathering that NWAngel so graciously put together for us, I've married Talen of Pandion and we are all for another gathering here in Vegas! :)

Ehlana of Pandion


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Och! I couldn't afford much at the times, but was gonna say (before I saw it at the end...) you were so there in Lancaster, kajira! Lol :) :D

For me, I had Dallas, Fresno, Lancaster... then the CELTS New Years 99 Bash I put together at the Embassy Suites in El Segundo (shoot me if I ever try to organize anything large EVAH agin... groannnn)....

Lots of small informal stuff around an about So. Cal... I feel sure it was Shiloh whom I didn't know allll that well at the time, perhaps, but had gone to see "Se7ev" in the theatre with. Alaric came down around to visit on his way to Oregon, methinks... DAVEN lived just down the road, as did LadyVyper... (til we moved in then she lived like 10 feet away, Lol)... Shammy, and Jeanne all about here... Jarynn came to visit a few times, as did Conna, though, those were a bit more, er, personal visits... Went up and visited Romilly an Twister a time or two, but... that was after the TSN days, methinks, and into our MUDdin days...

Cyn was down here a time or two (can't recall her player name), an Frodo... got pix of us all at Wizards an Black Angus' bar... think one great one for us at Wizards was Jeanne, Frodo, Cyn, Me and a friend or two who played TSN but not that much.

I miss the days... :)
Vel ;)


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Actually *furrowing her brow* thinking about this, Ive been to quite a few TSN get-togethers over the years ~

Dallas ~ Embassy Suites *beware the water cannons in the atrium!*

Las Vegas ~ Frontier Casino & Hotel (think this was the FIRST LV one)

Fresno ~ Piccadilly Hotel (we got to tour the TSN facilities in Oakhurst ~ who would have DREAMED the entire site was run off a bunch of 386s! housed in a bunch of falling apart, wood-frame homes!) BTW ~ does anyone here recall the New Year's Day when we were all madly anticipating playing all day at the weekend rate (no hourly charge - this was BEFORE the unlimited accounts came into play) and some GD A$$^^^^ shot out the telephone line (at midnight) that connected the TSN headquarters to the rest of the world? Talk about a DREARY New Year's Day! Boo-Hoo!!!

Suffield Connecticut ~ a "mini" gathering in my home at the time. We had a pretty good turnout!

Orlando/Kissimmee ~ Holiday Inn Kissimmee.

*smiling* Those were some GREAT times!

Oooooh! *slapping her forehead* Forgot all about those 2 fun TSN cruises on Royal Caribbean out of San Pedro! I think they came between Dallas and Las Vegas. Can't remember the names of the people who organized those, but still have lots of photos!

~~ AND ~~ *muttering under her breath about lately being afflicted with the deadly C-R-S condition* there was also the LANCASTER CA get-together, which I think came before the Orlando/Kissimmee one. Met Laughter there ~ along with a bunch of other people. Velvet was there, Frodo and a bunch of others whom I can't recall...
Lancaster.... Kirre was there, Cyn..(what WAS her player name again?? Eesh.. Akira?? I can't recall, damnit!), Conna, my friend Eric, whom... I can't recall who he might have played on TSN.... OH! I'm sure Twister and Romilly were there... or I feel sure they were.. maybe not? There's this guy in one of my pictures who was wearing a long black coat... was it... Jestersomething? I didn't know him well before, and, sadly, that night I was swimming in a watermelon shooter HAZE... after being sick for a solid week, so ... needless to say I was ComPLETELY soused... ;) Oh, Kirre was know as Pycho, I think... think I just remembered Kirre might be his actual name ;) Jeanne was probably there, she's so close...

Waitaminnit... now I'm lost. I know Conna came with Daven, LadyVyper and us (a group) to Fresno, and then he also then drove with me to Lancaster... but I remember one in between, the one with my friend eric... something smaller, best western... anyone know what I'm talking about? I'm baffled, those three all kinda meltin together...


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Well I'd be willing to do an Inn-reunion with ya'all. I'd love to finally meet a lot of you in person. IH, where the hell are ya bud?

By the way, I do live in So. Cal, and did go to one of Shammy's holiday parties. Just drop me a PM to let me know someone is throwing something together, or call my cell phone (909) 489-2997.


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Are there any former TSNers (I'll never call it INN, with the exception of the INN Revival, which should really be TSN Revival) on here that don't live on the west coast? I see all these California peeps but not a soul from middle America.


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You mean there is more to America than the West Coast??!! «Ö»

Yeah, I used TSN, never INN. TSN had HOT TUBS! <ggggrrrowwlll> I actually got to help test Yserbius but wasn't a Helper, only some guy who got the service free for 6 months (excluding the $263 phone bill via Sprint!><). My Apple ][+ still works and the copies of TSN still loads just fine! -)

As I posted elsewhere, I belong to a large online gaming guild called the Old Timers Guild (OTG). Many people over there remember TSN/INN and loved Yserbius. I pointed them here, to the INN Revival, various YouTube videos, etc... to pique their interest once again.

Hopefully our ranks will swell with new victi...er... players and friends. Who know, maybe they remember some of ya'all... I was too introverted to remember anyone from TSN! -*(


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