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Message for Upgrade
I called him my second father as I grew up with his boys as some of my best friends and was in their house as much {more?}as my own.

An ex-engineer for Sikorsky, he started playing a very new concept called TSN after he suffered a stroke and could no longer work. Being the only one of all the folks in the house who had the "knack" with puters, he soon had me hooked on the game he was playing as someone had to keep the machine operating. He preferred the cards and the chats. I liked the cano and the plane.

We played till the game and network died, Bubba, myself, and his sons,,,each with our own interests and desires in the gaming continuum. He reached deep and paid for the bills that reached into the thousands of dollars but he also saw where the future was and spared no expense to bring that future to those he thought should see it.

He was, in a sense, a visionary. He saw a very REAL community, and showed it to those he thought could apprciate it,,,and we did. And we still do.

Bubba brought me here to those I still call family, friends, and even jackass. But no matter what the word is,,,I am glad to know you all. And for that I thank Bubba.

Bubba took his own life some years past to avoid the pain from an untreatable and significantly spread cancer. Some may call it a cop out, and some may call it courageous,,,,all I will say is Thank you Bubba and you are missed.