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Installing the Inn CD


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Has anyone installed the Inn CD program we have in our Library? Up until now i had only the Stand Alone versions installed well i decided to try and figure a way into Ruins of Cawdor so i tried to install the INN CD and it would not go,, so i moved it to another PC in my house which still has a modem in it and it would not install in it either. If anyone has had similiar problems pleae let me know. Thanks Slo


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I downloaded the files you have up here for YS and I can't get them to work. I read somewhere that you can't play old DOS games when running XP because XP isn't DOS based. No idea.. but I can't get it to work... any ideas?



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Ya prolly would need to install it in a dos box.. Hit Start>Run> type in CMD hit enter... Should bring up C:\WINDOWS\... Get to the directory where ya have the INN files and install it... Should work from there...


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Did the installed files I sent to you not work? The only issue I had with the install was that one of the Golf files reported an error.