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is there *anyone* else out there that feels this way?

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all roleplay.... in some part.... carries a part of self. for some... that's quite a shame if I do say so myself.

I've grown up since those days, I've matured for lack of a better term. I carry myself a lot more confident now and I treat others and myself with a LOT more respect than I ever used to. I've learned that the way I act online in communities such as this very community here, really can leave an impression on others.

Some people... I suppose... have never learned that.

I'll be requesting this thread be locked. I never should have started in the first place. I hope you all had your fun. This will probably be my last post here as I just don't feel welcome as I thought I would.


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Oh my!

The Sub tones of this Thread is a bit much.

I would hate to appear the ogre here by locking threads in order to prevent this sort of of sideways pokes and insults.

This type of behavior is not what Yserbius was or is about. I spent as much or more time online as anyone here and never witnessed such behavior.

I do not feel it is appropriate here at ys.org either. but thats my opinion.

The old adage if you do not have anything good to say DONT!. applies here in this particular instance. nuf said! Slo


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MUHAHAHAHA! AN OGRE! *claps for glee* By god its been a long time since I had to use my Lotion of Ogre Potion. I am prepared however! *greases up*

But first...

Sombra - Don't Worry - Be Happy. I am very confrontational. It comes with being part of the PK world I so lovingly insulted previous to this. I asked Slohand prior to my first exhalation on this site if he were prepared for the gifts I bring - some are divine, others may be felt as more of a punishment (did you know there are people that consider punishment a gift? Such an interesting world we live in). Some are just sorta boring. I wouldn't let me get you down. Nor would I take the reactions of others to a momentary diversion as indicative of the level of welcome extended to you. You are welcome, I can feel it - I am welcome too. Everybody is welcome. I wish Kyrandos would make himself welcome more often, I really haven't gotten enough bended knee time in lately. And Balor... well.

Whatever impression it is I'm making, it most certainly is the one intended. The question that remains is - Is it for effect? Or is it a deeply ingrained mode of behavior? There are very few people that could answer that one, but I welcome speculation from all sources, if nobody has anything better to do - like watch paint dry or umm..

OKAY! NOW WHERE'S THE OGRE!?! *looks around hopefully*


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Okay.. my two sense.. for the record.

ASIDE from the whole Sombra/LC thing.. taking them out of this because I do not want to make this personal in any way. And I'm sure Sombra is very welcomed here.. as we all are, I hope. I would hate to see her leave because people and all the different personalities are what make this board what it is.

This IS what YS was about. My gosh.. it happened every second in tav... bickering back and forth.. making fun of people.. calling them out in public and waiting for them to come up with something witty right back atcha. Most people knew this going into the tavern and they were prepared for it, some wheren't and never came back, I suppose. Most that stayed got along really well one on one.. made fun of each other in public and then laughed about it in private messages behind the scenes.
I was KAAOS for goodness sake..all be it that I was one of the "nice" KAAOSers.. and the ONLY KAAOS to be harmony in the history of KAAOS most likely.. but, I was surrounded by total jerks (I mean that in the most loving way because they were my family back then). It was a HUGE part of the game... and I miss that about YS. That people were able to handle the pokes and jabs and stand up for themselves and not take things personal even when it's directed at them.. they knew the other person was just joking around and if it came down to it they had their back too. It was very amusing to witness some people's wit and humor at lighting fast pace (if you remember the spam of the tav and how fast the words were thown out there)

Maybe that's not what is appropriate here. That's your call and I respect that.. but to say it didn't happen back then and that YS wasn't about this.. is not accurate, with all due respect :)


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Ok maybe i should restate myself,

I will agree picking on others was in Yserbius. but it was a even playing field and was never OOC one did not exploit a perceived weakness of another by inference or otherwise. perhaps on occasion it did occur i am sure it would be possible, such people would not maintain a good standing in the community for very long in the circles i traveled in.

Roleplay was kept in character discussion of anything OOC was merely for reference or OOC conversation. Judgment, Inuendo, Rumors, or Inference of anything less than appropriate was never an issue.

I did not point a finger at anyone in particluar there are several people here who can be guilty of taking things to seriously.

I have pretty much stayed out of everything that goes on the site here as things tend to work themselves out. But having laundry aired in public needs to end. I do not care to see it, and I am sure others do not want to as well. This is a Website for Yserbians that promotes all things Yserbian and not the WWF.

So yea perhaps i overstated myself in saying it never happened in YS. This fact does not make it acceptable here and now. It just is not nice. and when i am subject to private messages telling me people are leaving because of behavior i helped facilitate by not attempting to control it from getting out of hand I find myself partly responsible. To date 4 people have quit for various reasons related to similiar cricumstance with no one particualr person to blame. So to expect me to continue to stand by and not say any thing would be ludricous at best. This site was created for the enjoyment of all Yserbsians young and old and not for the few. We are all adults here so lets play nice, play fair within the realm of Roleplay and keep all other issues on the other side of the screen.

with that consider this thread locked for good, There is not need to continue this topic as it out of date..

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