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It's good to see the old place again


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Well I leave for a lil while and look who shows up .... good to see ya Logan. *Pours Silver his glass of da house special* Long tome no see Z. I was over in DAoC for awhile ... got bored with it.
Ain't sure what happen to BB..think he fell off the face of the earth or soemthin..Last I heard he had a kid and don't know if he got hitched or stuck in prison 8O ...


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Thanks Rando <takes a nice long drink>

I guess now the only thing left for us to worry about with the rebuilding of Yserbius is...<pulls out a small device wrapped in cloth> whether this old vitaminf magic orb will still work. 8O


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Hey SK bro, funny runnin into you here. Just found the site tonight. Let's see I ran around so many different hosts on INN I don't know anyone from here (think all my peeps who I used to play with left the online game biz totally=/).

At any rate I was one of them newbs who ran around as Sarillion for about a year or so lol. Was in NOR for a bit till I wizened up and got my ass out of that guild. Nice to see some of the old peeps around here tho.


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LoL yeah I laughed at that too, couldn't believe that she went on talkin to me for a few days without even askin who I was and actin that she knew <shakes head>

I honestly didn't realize that you guys didn't know me well as Razak, I knew I was originally Kazar in Deadz but I was under that name for a pretty short time and figured people knew lol It's been so long since I seriously played AC=/

Think I'm sick of WoW already (again), I promised myself I'd hit 60 but school isn't giving me the time and I don't have the patience for that game. May come back after next week, got 3 exams next week that is taking up most me time.


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(steels a table near the corner, dark an' in the shadows) (looks around a sees a few familiar faces, gets down low and crawls stealthly over to the table next to Sir Killl and tries to remember how best to steal a drink from his keg, always had the best ale a cleric could find) ( not caring if anyone sees as all here now are friends, hops up and scares the bejesus out of Sir Killl, everyone looks around) How the heck are ya Killl?? gonna share that ale or do I have to wait till ya falls on yer face to get a drink?


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(laughing, looks in keg, looks up, disgusted) I hope there's more where that came from.... but then if you don't have a stash near by I'd faint.... Hey there Barkeep! g'day to ya... can ya get a round for this bunch please and a large drink of yer best ale for me kind sir? (tosses bag of gold towards barkeep) this should cover the lot of us... and have some for yerself as well... wouldnt want ya to think I'm cheep or somethin'.... hello y'all and how the heck have ya been while I was gone??? ... :)


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*Slips in the door*

A man goes on a trip and all kinds of new people show up.

Sean here is your Glenfiddich... Tiger no swinging from the Chandelier ...

By The Way I'm Back


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well, it's about time!

You've disappeared from us for quite a while. I hope you will rejoin us on EQ, Rando, but if not, just email me! You are missed and since Oak is back with us now, it's like old times! HUGS dear friend! You coming to Gathering this year?



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Emerald is on EQ??

I have been looking ALL OVER for her! Been trying to get her to rejoin Friends of the Realms since we lost her a few years back. If anyone can give me her EQ char name and the server, I'd be grateful, as I'd love to have her back with us. That goes for all of our old members! You are very much missed. Hello to Spell and Rubyred, haven't heard from you all either! Any of the old gang from INN, The Realm and the other games we've been in (we've beta tested 17 games in the 12 years we've been online), would love to hear from you. Email me at founder@forguild.org! Friends of the Realms is still alive and kicking and we're in EQ on Xegony server as well as on Guild Wars.

Oak is back with us, Rando left about a year ago and is greatly missed. Dazzler is still with us and Bootlegger no one has heard from since The Realm, Infinite Realm/Empiriana days.

Hail to all the folks from Friends of the Realms!


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Emerald is on EQ? lil Emmy Elf????

Rando... Swinging from the Chandler is not my bag of tricks... ;-) Sitting in the Rafters, ok... Uhm.. Or hangin from them.... ;-\


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Thank ye!

Thanks slohand, for letting Vena know. Also, a REALLY silly question, since I don't browse boards often, is Yserbius still being worked on to be brought back or is it just more or less a communication tool? You can tell I don't read the development boards heh.

anyone is welcome to contact me as I've left my email addy, guild website and such on the boards here.

Miss you all! Thanks to Tiger for putting this site up so all our old friends can keep in touch!


(and hello to Cattibrie who haven't seen in a couple years, hope you are doing well, hon)

May you all Travel by the Light!


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There are alot of plans being worked on as time allows. since we are a private team with no public funding.. life takes precedense most times, rest assured there is always one of us working on something for yserbius though. welcome back .. .slo


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Hail Merlynus....

Aye we have some catching up to do on our world travels!!! Tis wonderful to see your still killing the deserving! hehe I have searched for you many times, all of you, and made a home here on YSUO. Now I know where some of you rascals are! Glad your all alive n well! Who hasn't died anyway? *has many times* hehe

INN made friends forever, a beautiful thing;)

Slo, thanks, your like an Angel watching over us all:)

We are lucky to have been in INN!*remembers when we all crashed INN a few times everyday it seemed!*


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And as much as I'd like to take credit for the website, It's all Slo's doing... ;-) So if there's a bone to pick, pick it with Slo... LOL

I just help bug him, and test things... Maintain the forums boards... And bug Slo... And the rest of the Dev people... ;-) Oh, and maintain the newsletters...

But seriuosly... Emmy elf is on EQ? I've heard that rumor before, but never found her...