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It's good to see the old place again


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You do deserve credit, and you keep us in line too!!! LOL *hugs* And I know you from long ago old friend ... heheheheheee


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Keep us in line ???? The only line I like to see is the one in front of the bar.

It is great to be back with old friends again. Thanks to Tiger & Slo and Navic for putting our home back together again.

*Looks Up*

Hey Tiger while you are up in the rafters can you can you hang this sign up for me.

*Sign reads*

Welcome To The Friends I Know And
To The Ones I Have Yet To Make.

Now That You've Read My Sign
Have A Drink For Goodness Sake.



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Well, since your up here and you are the new offical Fear Forest Tavern owner, congrats, BTW, You can hang the sign... ;-p

(Jumps down and sits in the corner near the fireplace to watch Rando)


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Well thanks.... *Hangs up the sign*

Now I have to get to work on the menu... and patrons for that matter.

*Pours Tiger an ale*

A bit of the spirits for my old friend. Hmmm I wonder where Sean is ?

Doesn't seem right without him here.


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I've talked to him on MSN this past weekend... He's pretty busy bein an old'man... ;-)

(Hands the ale back) How about some of that aged Elven wine? Should be really nice after no one's touched it for what, 14 years?


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*sneaks in while the men catch up and helps herself to a few ice cold ales for her backpack and runs out the back door*


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*Tip-toes out from the pantry with a turkey leg under one arm and a huge bag of pretzles under the other. Making sure Rando and Tig's not watching, he tipsy-paws his way to the counter and finds his two ice-cold ales missing...*
*Realizing his cover is broken, he makes a mad dash out the back door*


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Did you see something?

(Thinks Rando needs to upgrade security) Ya know, with the Anarchs around, no one Ever stole from the Tavern... Prolly cuz the thief knew they'd be assasinated for stealing Bob's ale... Or was it twinkies...?


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Hmmmm I'll have to try that bottle of everlasting whiskey. Perhaps that will make me eternally intoxicated like Navic.

*Looks around for the bottle*


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I'm sure Logan, Quinn or Bob took that with them when they left Rando.... I dob't think that'd be an item either one of them would leave laying around for the tavern rats....

Navic wakes up with a can of beer in one hand... Sortta like Bootlegger... Now there was a man that could drink even Maximillion under the table...


Message for Upgrade
*walks in and sits in silence at the back of the bar, in the dark, hood covering his face... awaits barkeep and grabs a few pretzels laying on the bar.... snaps one and takes a bite* "hmmm... tastes like ale..." *looks around bar and reads sign in rafters.... still waiting..... * "can a cleric get a mug a ale 'round here? or did I miss da sign that says "help yerself?"


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Morrigan enters the old tavern quietly, and with a smile and light heart, takes a seat off to the side and listens quietly to the chatter of old friends around her. She wonders to herself if her old friends will find their way there, and looks around to see if Hobo has already found a place by the fire.


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(Walks in to do annual dusting to find people sitting in the tavern.) Wha...? oh... Uhm... Greetings all! Welcome home! Now.... Where's that lazy Rando at... ? I swear I put him in charge of this place...What can I get you all to drink?