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Q: How do I find and defeat Juvalad?
A: Juvalad is definitely the toughest of all the dralks to defeat. Getting to him requires an elaborated sequence of visiting around the stages, finding fountains, and the such. Since I lack lots of information on this one, I will not be able to explain in detail, in fact it is very hard to understand how this system of fountains even works.


1. First, visit all the fountains in the small southwestern section of Trials, where you arrive.

2. Go through the teleporter in Trials that will take you to the western part of Tribulations. When there, take the teleport at L,1.

3. You will be teleported to the eastern section of Tribulations. Take the teleport on the east wall.

4. Once here, go west and north. You should encounter a wizard around this place but if you don't, just keep on going further.

5. In the next area, walk until you are in a spot with two forks, north and south. Take the south one and then walk through the door and teleport to be teleported to the beginning of the stage. Once there, take the teleport to Tribulations. Walk along, except take the other teleporter, the one to the east, this time. You will be teleported to an area with a north-south fork; if you didn't encounter the wizard earlier you'll meet her here. Go through the teleporter to the south. In the next area, follow along to a teleporter. Walk through the teleporter and you will be teleported back to Trials. Once here, make your way to E,8. If you have visited the Wizard, the fountain will open up a new fountain in Tribulations, but for now, simply go through the northern teleport in this area.

6. Once you're back in Tribulations, walk along the path and you will encounter Thorzil. He will mark you, then get away. After doing this, take the southern teleporter of the two in the north-south fork. You will be back at the beginning of the stage. Take the teleporter back to Tribulations.

7. Once you're there, walk to L,1, and go through the teleport. You will be teleporter to the eastern area of Tribulations. From that point, go 3 steps west, 1 step north, and you will find Thorzil - but he won't escape this time... You'll tie him to the fountain, then begin your search for the portal. All you have to go now is go through all the teleporters in the stage; one will take you to a secret area on the northern row of Tribulations. Fight the battle in the middle of the secret poison cache and keep the Flask of Shadowfall, which will let you defeat Juvalad. Then, enter the teleport to meet your Fate! Repeat the process with Juvalad as you did with the other dralks to get his ring. Return his ring to the Queen to find out...