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KOY RPI Roster '93


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I found this on KOY's website...

Roleplay Inn/Misty Hollow KOY
as of 12/12/93

OVL Suzanne 51111
LD Lady Bry 22853
DK Tirwen 57453
EL Thorston
QM Asparatime 90134
GEN Blackwolf 1719
CMDR Theros 32277
CAPT Tom 30365
CAPT Demonhound 67676
LT Shawnee 88270
LT Bretide 32636
SAA Capt Crary 83747
SAA Balthorn 91506
SAA Montagne 21245
CPL Slash 22569
CPL Archangel 72558
CPL Zentelis 76001
HMN Tigris 91393
HMN Joe 52444
HMN Rydom 68181
HMN Firebird 72558
HMN Sir Phil 43944
HMN Matty 70054
SQ Tempeste 73834
SQ Silvanthas 84787
SQ Narhl 80526
SQ Morgorr 93086
SQ Solauferin 76178
SQ Celeste 74427
SQ Sharantyr 93204
SQ CrazyOne 50417
SQ Romulus 90852
SQ Lord Seth 83747

SRG Silence (reports only to LD & OVL)
RG Stanton 21239
RG Sir Robin 54267
RG Moria 63421
RG Helun 23143
RG Kendor 16785
RG TaylorDane 92661
RG Arcadia 89313

TK/TavernKeeper Gandor 84455
BM/BarMaid Rosethorn
BM/BarMaid Rosepetal
DM/DungeonMaster Signe


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Using advanced and completely fabricated Astrological techniques on their TSN/INN mailbox numbers, I am confident that we can triangulate their current coordinates and plug them into Google Earth Beta.



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I believe I joined 'em... was a member for perhaps 15 minutes when the Guild Leader caught wind of some discontent I was brewing. Seems he thought I was trying to disrupt his guild. Imagine that!

Rain...something... Rainstorm was it? Yes, Rainstorm! Bahahahaha! I still have some memory.