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Q: How do I get to and defeat Malos?
A: Malos is harder to find and is a little tougher that Astelligius. You must first walk back to Pandemonium and to the five Portals. Take the one to Malos. He resides in Trials and Tribulations. To defeat him, you need the Ice Flame, which will allow you to challenge him. To get the Ice Flame, you will have to walk through a series of different locations. The bad thing here is that the paths vary with guild and race. There are three paths to the Ice Flame, and only one will work for you. There are also three paths to Malos, and not surprisingly, only one is right for you. Plus you have to avoid all of the tricks and traps he set for you and other adventurers. From the entrance, get out of the small 4 square room by going through the wall 2 steps north of where you begin. From there, make your way through the waters, avoiding any traps. To tell whether a "death trap" is in front of you, check the text box. If it says anything about a party "being destroyed" or anything of the kind, then the same thing will happen to you if you step into the square in front of you. Make your way through the waters until you hit an underwater trapdoor (there are two, one in the northwest corner and one in the northeast corner of the room), which will take you to Tribulations. Once there, make your way to the trapdoor at the north, which will take you to the "main area" of Malos' home. There are different pathways out of this area. Since you first need to get the Ice Flame, you will need to know the directions. From there, make your way through the water to G,4, and face west. The rocks will move aside and you can go through this area. From here, walk through the waters and get to the trapdoor beyond. You will get to an area far south in Tribulations. Walk through the water and lava, being sure not to get killed by the nasty traps Malos has waiting for you. Make your way to A,14, face north, and walk through the wall. This is the first location for the Ice Flame. If you get it, all you will need to do is find the exit to your Fate. If you don't get it, walk through the teleport and follow the paths again to the "main area". Now, take one of the other trapdoors here, which should take you back to Tribulations, west of the area that you originally went through to get to the "main area". There will be a portal through the first door to your east. Take it only if you have the Ice Flame. If you _can't_ go through it, then walk back out of the square. Make your way north to the trapdoor, which takes you back to the northern area of Trials. If you have the Ice Flame and are trying to find your way out, walk to the east, where there will be another portal to Spheres Asunder. If you don't have the Ice Flame or the portal doesn't take you to Spheres Asunder, walk 1 step south to be teleported to another area in the northern region of Tribulations. Once you get there, walk to the east, not taking any turns until you reach O,11. Face south and walk through the wall. If you didn't have the Ice Flame before and just got it, walk through the teleport and try the other portals "to your fate". If you had the Ice Flame, simply walk through the teleport. If you didn't have the Ice Flame before and didn't get it now, walk through the teleport. From here, walk back to the "main area". Take the easternmost trapdoor and walk west, south, and east, except in the south-north fork where you originally went south to get to the Ice Flame, take the north path. Follow the lava to a trapdoor at the end. Go through here to get to the final area, where there is a third portal to Spheres Asunder at D,12 and another area to get the Ice Flame at D,14. Once you find the portal to Spheres Asunder, walk through the "elemental plane" until you reach an object that looks like a small throne. Step into it, and you will be taken to Malos. Repeat the procedure as you did with Astelligius. Your Ice Flame will be taken from you, and you will get another Dralkarian Ring. You will receive another 3 million experience points after defeating Malos to help you advance to the next levels.