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NEW WEBSITE - Here it comes!


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Guys I ask you all be patient with the new website. It is a port from Vbulletin to Xenforo and we are still working through the bugs.
Well I know its different. The main reason I changed it because Vbulletin 4 was about to be made obsolete by PHP upgrades and i did not want to keep a older PHP on just one of the websites on my server. I did not want to purchase a Vbulletin 5 upgrade because i am not a real fan of the direction VB5 has gone. i own a license on another server and do not like.
I read awhile back where some of the original founders of VB had left because of differences with the new owners and started their own company, Xenforo.
So far i like Xenforo, everything ported over well as can be expected, the server load is half of what it used to be on this site. All those VB4 exploits are no longer a concern.

I know the look is modern, i wanted to give us a newer feel and have a platform on which to display some new items from the new YS2 game. It is moving a little faster pace these days and we want to be able to share stuff.
If you find any bugs please let me know. i will start a bug thread.
Thanks Zane, I really like it as well. Seems a lot less buggy. Template is decent as well and seems to match the purpose of this board. The site has gone through a lot of iterations. i believe the first board we used was phpnuke. and then phpbb been a long time.
Hey Gel, Great to see you stirring again. yea there are a few of us creeping around the cano these days and there is some life breathing into YS2, it will happen count on it. 2019 is going to be a good year. hand out make some post good to see you again.


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Been a while since I posted, but I got some of the update emails and all about the progress on Yserbius.org's recent changes and it got me pretty excited. I love the featured videos that are starting to stir on Facebook, too; good to know the 'cano is still stirring!

- D