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Lady Bry

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Today a meeting of KOY was held between Shocker and myself, and without any opposition, Shocker was elected Queen of KOY and I was elected Supreme Goddess of KOY.

Also, a meeting of The Mercs was held between Shocker and myself, and without any opposition, (Shocker's alt char to be named later) was elected Queen of The Mercs and Bryony was elected Supreme Goddess of The Mercs.

Additionally, a meeting of KAAOS was held between Shocker and myself, and without any opposition, (Shocker's alt char to be named later) was elected Queen of KAAOS and (my alt char to be named later) was elected Supreme Goddess of KAAOS.

Furthermore, it has been declared that, since nobody can find any of them, The Celts are dead.

Further obliteration of other guilds will be followed up on in further meetings, once we can remember the guild's names ;-)

Since apparently, in a world dedicated to Yserbius, hardly anyone can find their way to the place... we rule it all! Muahahahaha!

Notarized and signed by:

Lady Bry, Supreme Goddess of whatever she wants to be :D


Message for Upgrade
MightySeek assumes SOF throne

After spending several weeks on Yserbius with my former title of SOF (Soldiers Of Fortune) Prince. Since no king has turned up, the time has apparently come to claim the SOF throne. I have now proclaimed myself High King of SOF, and am opening up the guild to new members.
You may contact me via the mightyseek.com website or in Yserbius on INNRevival to discuss becoming a member of SOF.

Lady Bry

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Whippin' Boy

Can you believe it? He actually thought that being my whippin' boy meant that HE got to hold the whip????

I finally relented and said that he could have the whip when he's with other people, but when he's with me then the whip is all mine... can't have him gettin' any uppity ideas. ;)

Lady Bry

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BloodCelt See's all, Knows all, says little.
We're on Summer Break, taking a few layers of pale off our white fishbellylike skin.

Pale, white, fishbellylike skin... nope, still no proof that he's alive - sounds a bit fishy to me ;-)

Until I see a real Celt actually moving around in the 'cano or drinking ale in the tavern, doesn't count. Otherwise you just might be a zombie... 'sides, what good is it to claim a Yserbius Guild if you don't even know where Yserbius is? ;)

Lady Bry

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Haven't seen you in the 'cano, Daven... be happy to put you on the guild list of KOY if you show up - but the first rule of KOY is that you have to actually play Yserbius, not just remember it ;) Second rule is - remember it's just a game

Oh yeah, those are the first two rules of The Mercs, also... and, strangely enough, the first two rules of KAAOS.

I can't be overruled, I'm da Goddess ;)

Lady Bry

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I would like to enroll in KOY, I'll take the position of blood ***** please...
Blood *****? Blood Hound? Blood Ghost? Blood Whisk? Blood Chips? Blood Trail? ooooo.... I like that one!

You are accepted into KOY on a probationary status... don't know you, hafta make sure you have a sense of humor first :D

Yer initial title is Blood Smear until I see if you can kill more than people's moods ;)

Rule #1 of KOY: You hafta actually play the game to be in the guild... all old KOYs that don't really play now are either Ghosts or Retirees... some more honored than others :D

Rule #2 of KOY: It's a game -never forget that. If someone steals your WHoD, I don't want to hear that you started hunting down their reality address to go retrieve it from them ;) Just suck it up, try not to let those tears hit the keyboard, and put an armored stiletto boot up their tush ;)

Yes, I wear armored stiletto heeled boots... they're custom-made by the dwarven dominatrix who secretly rules the elven elite ;)

Welcome to KOY, Dewm! :D


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Not all of us are dead : ) I have found myself going back and looking for the old faces that were there long ago. No not dead, but getting there.