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Owning Yserbius??


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-k- another question, do you have to own Ysebius to play it here???? I also see alot of people that are higher lvls than lvl 1, if you don't have to own Yserbius to play where is everyone getting lvls at? :/ :/ :/ :? .... Oh yea also if one does'nt have a PayPal acct, is there another way to make donations?


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Let me explain

Ok a couple things, I guess, first please realize the Online version of the game is not Open for use yet. There is some testing going but it will be a few more days until we can go online with it. You refer to levels do you mean the level bars at the left side here reflecting hp's mana and exp? If so these are not In game features but are forum features the morte you post the higher those number go up. it is based on over on your average daily posting. There is a link here in the forums that explain it if you want to look up my name and do a search on post i have made it will explain how it works. As for owning the game, There will be no ownership of the game It is free for all to use, We figure they nailed us for 125 bucks a month the first time around lol that about covers it here too hehe.. As far donations send me a private message and I will explain alternative methods of donation if you would like.. hope i was able to answer some of your questions if not please reply here and we will see what we can do to answer it ,, Thanks Slohand