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<peers through the door>


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<and wanders in, looking the old place over, ghosts seeming to dance before her eyes. As her eyes travel the room visions flash before her, as though she sees through the eyes of others:

` Indigo romping through the building from rafters to basement with her dear Killjoy
` Lishler giving smeary chocolate kisses while running around in her child sized armor
` tiny little gremlin Mirth scaling the bar to make use of the small skating rink that the infamous barbtender Akroyer had set up for her
` Agapanthus stepping through the door with her belled headdress ringing merrily and announcing her arrival as she looks around that impish Kirre
` Crash sitting in the corner scrubbing scorch marks off of her armor AGAIN
` Ay'ela reclining beside the bar looking half confused.

As those visions fade, she sees others float through the room:

` Allison in the corner with her damn gin, efil stuff
` Riddler and his blasted Subway Club leaving vegetable matter and crumbs all over the place
` Achilles looking dazed by a phenomenon he called 'hyperscroll' though she never understood how a scroll could be hyper
` Akky. the ever faithful barbtender (who does a mean polka, by the way) behind the bar, giving the clientele just what they needed to cure what ailed 'em
` Velvet and her "FLEE" flashbacks
` Akena accidentally blasting things
` Saleena sipping daiquiris at the bar
` Death, Dream, Desire and others of The Endless clustered together in conversation

Other faces rise from her memory, some triggering grins - Duquesne, Corky, Kalannar, Clearwater, Tarin, Viper, Xcalibur, Bo, Starbuck, Cime, Slik, EnLiKil, Lordly, Dreamer, Cat Lord, Wolf Ling, Zane, Armina, Twister, Lady Starr, Sir Maggel, Jolie, Ariana, Freddeux, Bondu, Megabyte, Arnos, Porter, Romilly, Crys, Capri, maja, Alaric, Ariel, and so many more whose faces trigger memories but not yet names. She ducks behind the bar and giggles as she sees one of Akky's goofy bar aprons, then reaches under and behind some shelving and finds the secret stash of tequila he left for her. She spies some cleanish towels beneath the bar and cleans off a spot on the bar to sit and drink her tequila while she formulates a plan to restore the old place to its former glory.>


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<pulls herself up from beneath the bar, unaware of the cleaning rag and cobwebs hooked on one horn of her hat, the dirt smudged across her cheek, and the general disrepair of her once fairly white shirt, clambers up onto the bar and surveys the rest of the inn, eyes rolling up in her head as she sees how much more needs to be done, she falls into a faint upon the bar>


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If you build it

In the distance a low voice calls "If you build it they will come"

<returns to work with a ardent fervor>


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<opens one bleary, bloodshot green eye and looks around, searching for the voice that disturbed her peaceful sleep, wriggles around trying to get comfy on the distinctly uncomfy bar, but gives it up as a bad idea and goes off in search of her favorite bed upstairs>


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Did someone mention my name?

Well-named, this Misty Hollow is. Could hardly find it for the overgrowth, mists, and spider webs. Had a demon's own time finding this place...but it does look familiar, if a bit dusty. Wonder if there's aught Dwarven Ale to be had here anymore...


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Weeeeellllll now... if you and yer ethereal lute are willing ta play... then I can setcha up with plenty o' dwarven ale! <hops up on the bar, crosses her legs at the knee and waits patiently>


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"GRAMPIES!!", cries the little blonde knight as she dashes through the door, her child sized armor clattering loud enough to wake the dead. Her arms wrap around the bard's knees and hugs hard, then she steps back and holds up her hands to prove she hasn't been eating chocolate before tugging at the edge of his tunic. "PLAY GRAMPIES PLAY!!"


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The bard looks at his scarred and gnarled fingers, then at the barb on the bar, and smiles.

"You remembered...after all this time. Many and long are the miles I've traveled since last I plucked the strings of that lute. And many and varied have been the stops along the way. Some were longer than others, some were better..."

He sighs and looks away...into the past, it would seem.

"I'm afraid the lute is even more ethereal than ever...it's been a long time since a note was struck from its strings. It's going to take a bit of work, and time, and mayhap a touch o'magic, for it to sing again."

The Elf gazes around the bar once more, a smile fleeting across his lips now and again at a memory. Then he grins at the barb.

"I think I sense a bit of the old magic here, though. Maybe, in time, the ache in these fingers will ease, and the magic will enable the lute again.

Let's hope."

He laughs at the little urchin and lifts her up, giving her a smooch on the cheek.

"Ahhh...my little monster-child! What...no messy hands??"

Reaching into a fold of his traveling cloak, he pulls out a small object, wrapped in a shiny foil, and hands it to the tyke.

"Try not to get that all over Auntie Listle, darlin'."


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Wincing as she sees the state of the elf's hands, she gestures to the hot tub "Mebbe that'll help ease some o' the pains... it's been a right handy thing after some long days... and while yer here, go pick out a room upstairs and I'll get the lil one to cleaning it up and making it habitable. You're welcome ta hang yer hat here if'n ya'd like ta! The dwarven ale is back where Akky always usta stash it, help yerself, it might help limber up the ol' knucklebones!"


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Squeals with delight, "Ooooh, sparkly!", and shinnies back down the bard holding the foiled object in front of her on both hands as though it's a grand treasure. "Lookie lookie lookie!! PUPPY!! Come see!!" She takes off at a dead run to show off the goodie to everyone in the tavern.


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<small people! small people with FOOD. puppy was SO HAPPY! This small people wasn't smelly like the other one. This small people didn't have just skin and a red string! He LIKED this small people.>

Run, RUNNING! Run around with the small people! OH OH BIG PEOPLE YELLING! Puppy wasn't DEAF! Small people with food weren't DEAF! WHY!

<puppy jumped off the table he'd jump onto in his excitement, dishes flying out from his furry feet and on to the floor>



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Childish laughter and squeals follow the puppy on its rampage, only to fall silent as she sees her mom's foot start to tap in that threatening manner that can only mean she's slowly boiling up to a fever pitch.

"PUPPY!! RUN!!!", she cries as she dashes out the door, one hand clutching Unca Slikker's treat, she tears across the landscape and comes to rest in some bushes beside a crumbling wall. Waiting for Puppy to arrive, she begins unwrapping the foil covered morsel and smiles as the smell of chocolate wafts to her nose.

"There you are, Puppy!", she breaks off a lil piece and offers it up to the panting pup as she takes a bite herself, some of the melted chocolate that clung to the foil smears on her cheek. She hands the Puppy one more little tidbit before she finishes the treatie off. The chocolaty foil falls to the ground as the morning's excitement takes it's toll and a nap attacks.


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Wanders behind the bar, and chuckles at the shiver of anticipation that Arky's about to pounce on someone invading his bailiwick. Exploring further...and coughing on the dust he kicks up...the Elf spies a familiar dark oak cask. Hefting it to the bar and upending it, he positions it over a spigot, expertly knocks out the bung (some things, one never forgets how to do!) and opens the spigot, letting the first splash of ale wash out the dust of years.

Opening a cupboard, he reaches up to the second shelf, far left, and grabs a pewter mug with a stylized "S" molded into it. Sliding it under the flowing stream of ale, he fills it with a practiced hand and closes the tap. Returning to a different table--his table, the one in the back on the right, opposite the hot tub--he winks and toasts the barb.

"Here's to you, my lady"--grinning widely as the barb growls at the hated epithet--"and to the friends we've known, the ones we've lost, and the ones we've yet to meet!" So saying, he drinks deeply, feeling the ale wash away a decade of road dust, sweat, and blood.

"Aaahhhhh...Misty Hollow Dwarven...how I've missed thee!"


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Silently, without any acknowledgement, a tall figure makes his way across the tavern to the darkest corner, most remote from the warming fire. No one is there to see him slowly pull down the hood of his cloak. No one is there to see his now slightly greying hair catch and reflect what little light bludgeons its way into the dark corner. No one is there to see Megabyte has arrived.


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<in a burst of light, a bottle of Absolut appears on the bar, fresh snow cascading down its sides, accompanied by a mysterious foil wrapped object that smells mysteriously of chocolate, cake and creamy filling>


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Have I stumbled upon a time machine?

Armina dances into the room, twirling, laughing, as all the once-familiar items come into her view.
Akky... Where is that wonderful ole barkeep? Dante21... he was always here..
Crys and the mysterious black widow sisters, and don't forget the HoneyMooners <G>... where is she? Brandy, Achilles... do you remember the sign? "Children left unattended will be sold as slaves??" LOL, how Petal loved that!
Indigo, Mirth,LostChild, Allison, Riddler, Velvet, Starbuck, Slik, Dreamer, Twister, Ariana, Porter, Maja, Alaric -- where are you all? Ohh how I've missed this place :-D
Busily builds a fire so she can sit and stare and dream of days gone by....


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"LOL, how Petal loved that!"

Petal crept in behind her mother, trying to be sneaky. She knew it wouldn't work, though, when she heard that. Instead, she stood up, hands on hips. "I still do too!" She looks around, "Where's is everyone, I don't remember this ol' place ever having been so... well.. dead."


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From the back of the tavern, near what used to be the hot tub, a single, tentative note is plucked from a lute. It echoes eerily through the nearly empty room, but as the last echo dies, a full chord is played. It, too, bounces off the walls, to be followed by a minor chord...a sound filled with melancholy, and longing. Then the first chord is played again, but this time the sound is fuller, more confident--almost defiant.


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(and from the open door lyrics waft in, blending with the notes and making the whole far greater than the sum of its parts....)

"Just sit right there and you'll hear a tale,
a tale of a fateful night.
That started back in Dragon Court when there were no drunks there to fight.
The owner was a brave Halfling lad, Fleetwood was his name,
all he wanted was to sell some drinks until in the Thonged Dwarf came,
in the Thonged Dwarf came.

The tavern started emptying out, the sales they all were lost,
If not for the courage of the Halfling's crew the gold would've
turned to dross,
Gold turned to dross.

But the Thonged Dwarf was distracted by the shiny golen pole,
blinding Navic,
and SloHand too,
Tiger, and his wife.
The more he danced,
The more patrons fled the bar,
And the Halfling soon swore!"