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POY History


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This was done by Lady Kiri... I'll add the later parts in a diffrent post....

POY History, Part One

The following is the history of POY and my history on INN, as I lived it.

I first came onto INN (then known as TSN) approximately three
years ago. The first character I made was an Elf Ranger by the name of Lady Kiri. (Kiri is shortened from Kirien Ellison de Saint Clare, a 12th century Celtic name used by me while in the Society for Creative Anachronism.) Other characters in my first set included Willow (Wiz, of Armageddon guild) and Dances, epi "W/Wolves" (Barb).

At that time Protectors of Yserbius had just been formed. It was headed by its Emperor, ICEMAN, and its Empress, Intereste. Under them were Kings and Queens, assigned to individual hosts. Intereste approached me and asked if I'd like to join POY. After discussing the purpose of the guild, and giving it some thought, I told her that I would. She brought me into POY as a Squire. By joining the guild I acquired a set of friends who helped me learn and who charged me to pass on the knowledge I had gained from them.

It was not long after, that I met the character FRENZY (not the Frenzy who is now in the Mercs), who was from my home state of Michigan. We became close friends and spent much of our time together while he was on INN. Due to the time difference between Michigan and California there were also times when we'd be on separately and during these times he took notice of the EXCALIBUR guild. We had already learned most of the quests and felt that it would be interesting to learn to spar. When asked to join EXCALIBUR we made new characters (Silencia and Storme) and joined. I still feel that that guild had the best manner of teaching Honorable sparring, and it kept the knowledge gained current by frequent practice and games.

Feanor was then King of Roleplay Inn, and approached me one day to tell me that I had been recommended to become a Baroness in POY. (I'd been a member for about six months.) I told him I didn't feel worthy...to which he replied..."Yes, you are...we've been watching you and have noticed that you spend all your time helping others". It was Intereste who had recommended my promotion.

Storme and I (as Silencia) played as a couple in Yserbius for about a year, during which time we honed our skills at questing and sparring by practice, and by periodically making new characters to test our knowledge of the quests by using blank maps. He eventually left INN because of real world concerns.

During the time I was active in the EXCALIBUR guild, Firedancer acted as my friend and mentor, and has remainded a close friend since.

Approximately three months prior to Storme leaving INN, my real world husband of 15 years walked out, thinking he'd fallen in love with another. This led to my spending nearly all of my free time on INN, and strengthened the bond between myself and my friends on INN.

I was approached again by King Feanor and informed that there were major political problems within POY. Eventually this led to most of the high members dropping out of the guild. I did not leave, feeling it would do no good to do so, whether or not I agreed with the leaders. Staying in, and being a Baroness, I could still work for the good of the guild. Basically, I was not involved in the politics because I worked swing shift, which precluded me from being on line during times of internal strife.

After Storme left, I returned to using my Lady Kiri character most of the time, teaching quests, sparring and bringing new members into POY. I believed, and still believe, in a guild whose main purpose is to help others...both during their time on INN, and in their personal lives (when appropriate).

POY almost disappeared. ICEMAN and Intereste were no longer leading POY. There were perhaps 6 - 8 members who were occasionally around. Seeing this, I went to Feanor and asked him to please keep the guild going, and asked how I might help. His response was that he would remain as King (he was the only King left) and rebuild POY ONLY if I would act as Queen. (Gulp!) I tried telling him that I could do just as much by being a Baroness in the guild, but he'd have none of it, saying that he respected me and wanted others to see a Queen around too. I gave in (I did not feel worthy) and became Queen of POY and co-ruler (with joint & equal authority & responsibility). This was in November of 1993, if memory serves me.

Early in 1994, Feanor informed me that he was going to leave INN for awhile because of a RL job relocation. I told him that I'd keep the guild going in his absence and looked forward to his return. For reasons unknown, he did not return.

After he'd left I set about building the guild...sometimes calling on my friend Oak to help. A new rank structure was formed, rules governing the members were set up, and meetings were held on a regular basis. Many of the members of INN who'd known me a long time offered to make characters to join POY. Some former members of POY returned when they saw it better organized...and (blush) because they liked me personally.

POY grew to well over 100 members, becoming one of the largest and oldest guilds on INN. Since it was impossible for me to keep up with everything single- handedly, I asked Oak to join the guild and assist me, which he did as Queen's Counsellor. He was able to be here when I was not (I was still working swing shift). Our ideals and goals for the guild were very much the same. Our criteria for new members was set up to preclude any joining who did not meet our standards. We did NOT accept everyone who asked to join. In general, this was the time that POY became "a safe and enjoyable home for all to play".

------to be continued------


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POY History Part Two - ->

When it became obvious that King Feanor was not returning, and having received comments from several (male) members of POY that they would be more willing to follow a male leader, I asked Oak to become the King of POY. Upon his agreement to do so, POY again had two equal co-leaders.

Other members of the Royal Family were adopted into POY. Prince Tiberius had been my friend since he first signed on to INN as Caramon, he was adopted by Oak as his first son. Princess Zationa (Zerosum) was adopted by me, as my daughter, mainly because we truly do have a
mother/daughter relationship. Prince BlackMane had long been a friend of Oak and myself, and Oak adopted him as his second son. ArchDuke Spell had a brotherly relationship to Oak and I...therefore it seemed quite natural that he become our brother in POY.

Romance bloomed for Spell and Ruby Red (in here and in the real world), and Oak and I assigned the title of Duchess to Ruby Red after her INN marriage to Spell. When Prince BlackMane began spending time with VENA, Oak and I promoted her from Squire to Questress, with an agreement that BlackMane would teach her the quests. Upon her marriage to BlackMane she was welcomed into the Royal Family as a Princess. (This was opposed by several members of POY, who resigned from POY in protest. Though the marriage did not last, it is not our policy to reduce rank without cause, and VENA remained a Princess.) Kyra Leigh, the real world lady of Prince Tiberius, and one who is very dear to Caesar and myself, was adopted by us and thus became a Princess and our second daughter.

Sometime later (after the guild had built to more than 150 members) Oak was laid off from his job at Sierra OnLine. Because of this he was unable to continue being on INN.

One night while traveling in the volcano alone, I spotted another who was also alone...his character, a Barb, was named Quinn. I asked him if he needed any help (standard procedure). When he told me he did not, I
asked if he'd like some company. To this he responded "Yes". So began the process of what is now a wonderful real life love, as well as the love of Tsar and Tsarina. When it became apparent that we had practically everything in common...he messaged me "We MUST meet". From the first time Quinn (Caesar) and I met, it was clear that what we felt for each other was something unique and very special...and it continues to be so.

With INN's decision to more than double their rates, many members of POY have sharply reduced their hours or dropped INN altogether. Many others have simply gone elsewhere. At Christmas time, while my parents were visiting from Florida, Caesar and I told them we planned to be married (RL).
Soon after the first of this year, the house I'd lived in for 15 years became dangerous for me to stay in. Prowlers had noticed I was alone and tried to break in, even when I was inside. Caesar wanted me safe, and to ensure this we moved me to his (now, our) home at once. We are planning to be wed in June.

For those of you who are unaware, 16 years ago I was struck down and run over by a car, and spent two years recovering from multiple fractured bones. Much of that time was spent in a wheelchair. Eight years ago I had a bout with cancer, went through chemo and, thankfully, have had no recurrence. I tell you this, not for sympathy (because I feel I've been truly blessed), but to explain where the depth of understanding and empathy I feel for others, comes from. Perhaps this sheds some light on why those who are my friends, stand by me so steadfastly. You see, to me, the principles of POY are not merely a game...they are how I live my life.

The quality most valuable to POY is attitude. Ability counts far less. Since I accepted the position of Baroness, I've looked for people who are always polite (both in public and private). This includes never "ordering" others around, and always asking before joining a party. Willing, cheerful helpfulness is important. Sometimes this may mean dropping something you are doing for yourself, to help another. Caring about others and being "there" for others when they need a friend, even when all you can do is listen. Never, ever, being involved in public mud-slinging. Being truthful. If you lose your temper (and we all do, from time to time) showing the good sense to leave and cool off, before returning. Knowing when to "walk away"...and if you see someone else "losing it", suggesting that they do likewise.

As all who have spent time in here know...Mercs and KAAOS "play" at being nasty...much of the time. The POY manner of dealing with this has always been to turn our backs, walk away, and go about our business. (This takes far more strength than staying to hit back.) Not to allow them to draw us in. From past experience I can tell you that this DOES work:they get bored having no one to pester, and they leave. Please consider that all of us have a side that is not so nice. Some find it useful to roleplay this out. Remember, there are real people behind those characters too, and sometimes you might find you really do like them, if you make the effort to get to know them.

In Service to POY,
Lady Kiri


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These are the pillars that sustain and guide the members of the Protectors of Yserbius. To POY members, INN is more than a place to play a game. These precepts are not roleplay, they are how we live, what we believe in ourselves..and most cannot recall when they began to believe in them..for the basis was there for many, during early childhood. For some of us, this has set us apart from the masses, and at times, caused loneliness, but we knew we were right, and could not be false to ourselves. We could not betray what we believed to be right, for the mere purpose of "fitting in". So we perservered, and this has led us to gather around us, those who see the world as we do, those who see truth and real value. This is not roleplay for us, this is how we live our daily lives. This is POY. Many others seek wealth, power and fame. We see these goals as shallow, false.. chimeras. To touch one other, to share ourselves with others; to let others who see as we do, know they are not alone; to bring a ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air into another's life..these are our goals.

VISION is the opening of the eyes. The ability to see things as they truly are, not merely the outer appearance, but far deeper. To see ourselves and others without distortion, without pretense. To see right and wrong, and know the difference. Man's laws do not affect us, we don't live by them, we live by what we know to be right. It is true that most of us are what may be termed "law abiding citizens", but we also see the laws set forth by man that are not right..these do not touch us. When I awoke this morning my thoughts went to one I know to be sweet, kind, one who would hurt none. Yet, because of Man's law, she has no place to rest her head at night, she wanders the streets..alone, outcast. Her crime? She doesn't know how to apply for a job or even how to apply for Welfare, and couldn't receive it anyway, because she has no address. My heart bleeds for her and yes, I do what I can for her. No, I do not feel the same for all homeless..many are malingerers, but with vision we can perceive the difference.

My thoughts continued on to the many that we, the citizens of this country, care for, clothe, feed..again I ask, Why? These are ones who have maliciously and intentionally hurt others..they don't even have to work to receive these benefits. Ah, but you say..they're locked up. How many are not locked into one thing or another? Try not going to work, simply because you feel like sleeping in..you wouldn't have a job to go to very long. So, you're locked into a regime. The only difference is that you must earn what you receive and there is no physical lock to keep you there. Vision tells me this is wrong.

HEART is the warm and caring regard for all others, whatever their circumstances, wherever they are. It leads us to do for them what we can. To be there when they need one to listen, a shoulder to lean on, and to empathize with them. Many of us have faced our own adversity and learned by it, the how and why of caring. If we have vision and heart, we see through facades, we learn to first place ourselves in the other's position before attempting to discern right and wrong. We are aware that most lash out when they're hurting and that is when they need the warmth and caring most. Finally, at long last, modern medicine has figured out that what we knew all along, is true...hugs and holding can
heal. Hands can be the messenger of the heart when used as they're
meant to be..touching, from the heart and soul of one, can convey
warmth to another.

INTEGRITY is the embodiment of honor and commitment to the truth, as we see it with our vision and hearts. To be true to that which we know is right and to unfailingly act accordingly. Integrity requires that we look within ourselves frequently, that we use our vision to see ourselves as we truly are, not only as we appear to others. We learn to recognize our faults and Heart compels us to act on them. We learn to know the things about ourselves that are good and expand on them. Heart requires us to forgive ourselves when we fail and to try harder or differently the next time. Forgiveness of oneself is perhaps the hardest of all, since we know ourselves so well..but with forgiveness comes acceptance of oneself.

These are what are of import to the members of POY. Not worldly fame, nor ranks and titles, nor material wealth, nor intelligence per se. The soul and heart within the person is what matters most. There are no degrees given for wisdom, yet we seek it and treasure it, and by following these ideals we gain it.


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Wow... I remember all of that like it was yesterday. I also remember giving LK such a difficult time with Ceb, cuz Spell thought LK was steppin' out on Oak. Hahahaha. *Sigh* Those were the days. Seems to me, I could always find her hider chars too.

<Spends the rest of the day in memories>


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For sharing that wisdom from Lady Kiri with us all. I read it with a smile and yes, even a tear in my eye from such wonderful memories. To see POY members again is awesome.

POY may no longer be active, but the tenets of POY are still intact and live on in another guild. This guild is not specific to one game though. It is a guild which still promotes fair play, honor, and good citizenship throughout several games. The Friends of The Realms, FoR was founded by Merlynus shortly before INN sold out and went off line. They have, or at one time had, activities in games such as DAoC, Diablo, Illusia, and others. They are still very active in EverQuest. Our tenets are to be found on the guild web site www.forguild.org and you are all invited to visit.

I didn't intend for this to be a commercial for FoR so please do not take it that way. I just wanted to say thanks to Tiger for sharing that outstanding history of FoR from Lady Kiri with us and to say hello to all my POY and non-POY friends.

The POY tenets are still around. If you adventure in EverQuest, look us up in FoR and say howdy. We are on the Xegony server. The command to search us out by guild name is /who all "friends of the realms" and it will give you a listing of all the characters currently on line in the guild. You will find me by looking for anyone in the guild with "OAK" in the character name (Oakman, Oaken, Oakson, Liveoak, etc.) I also play Leafsong sometimes. I hope to see you there.

Time to hit the showers and get moving for the day.



Message for Upgrade
(enters room, bows and flips off hood) Tiger,
here is the last letter I can find from you and oak.
and you could have mentioned whom you are (wink) I only have fond memories of every conversation with you.... and reading your post I remember a conversation with you where you said I had a really kind heart and a good mind, if only I could use it to save myself... and in the end I did, moved from MD to AL and started a new life.... missing all but other than work issues, all is well with me now and I hope and pray for you M'Lady, may all you hopes come to life and your dreams be as precious as you can imagine them to be. (puts hood on) Praise be to you and may Jesus be your crutch forever as He is mine. :)

oh, and are the kids ok do you know? (not having time to wait for an answer, disappears back into the shadows, gone from all sight)

ÿ½Dear Friend,

Just last week, we lost 2 dear friends of POY to a terrible tragedy. They are survived by their two children, Nicole and Anthony Whitley. Most of you asked how you could help the children, knowing as did we, that the children have a long and difficult road ahead of them. Thanks to the efforts of our dear friend Roo, a trust fund has been established for the children, in the children's name to help them through life. Because so many have asked how they can help, I am sending you this letter with information about the trust fund that has been established. Please be as generous as is possible and send your assistance to...:

Nicole & Anthony Whitley
c/o Bank of America
8200 Jones Road
Houston, TX 77065

Please make donations payable to:
Nicole and Anthony Whitley
and on the back, please write: For Deposit only to acct 344739328. Please do NOT send cash. A check, money order or casheirs check is very acceptable and will be tremendously appreciated. I am sure the children's parents will be touched by your generous helping hand.
Go with God friend, and please write us if you have any other questions or concerns.


Lady Kiri%POY%Queen
My dear friend Frodo,

You asked that I send the information about how to help Shaorn's children. Please forward this information to all your friends, Guild affiliates, etc.

Your help in this is REALLY appreciated.

Your Friend,


Message for Upgrade
(appears and bows) really M'Lady, it is not like you to make your clerics await sooo long for an answer.... I hope you are even stronger now than you were when I posted this old letter but you didnt remember me, tho we had not talked for so long, yet I held a glimmer of hope..... an antisipation of a responce from my Queen..... but memories are sometimes painful and I understand so well.... and yet when I created a new existance(RL) I realized then that I didnt want to give up my friends but reality was harsh and forced me to go away.... I could only hope it was for the best.... and now, unable to go into the places the old friends frequent for financial reasons (can clerics be rich with money? I havent met one yet... ;) ), alas all I have is here, stories of old and some new glimmers of current things.... as my life is as of an old, poor cleric, needing a hand always, giving 2 hands whenever I can.... I still cherish you my Queen of POY, tho the memories I expect will fade away someday, and all the good times of the forest will simply slip away and all the good times remembered will become fleeting thoughts of an old fool cleric who married some (did I marry Zat?, I think I did the ceremony for her) and gave birth to some (especially Bunnygirl's 50 babies, gosh that was wierd) .... and as those that came before and after me will find, it is not in vain but yet never spoken of again for all time..... so M'Lady I will not ask again, and yet I may see you post, I will not trouble you again with such meaningless jabber, I just had a longing for an ol' friend's memories and places of old.... good and bad.... to remember the past so fondly as I find my memory is not as good as it has been and I will likely not remember lots of the events many more years like I do now..... ( when no one remembers does it mean it didnt happen?)
enough meaningless reminising....... ( stands and places his clenched hand over his chest then extends his arm towards the sky) Long live you M'Lady and may your worst fears be abated and your dreams be fruitful and multiply as you find happiness in your life! TO ALL %POY% , GOD BE WITH YOU ONE AND ALL !!!