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Put'tin on the Ritz


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<Puppy looked up with a spinach leaf drooping from his muzzle onto his golden collar. Puppy had BLING BLING. Puppy was not just a normal stray. Puppy was an escapee! BAD MAN! BAD BAD BAD MAN! Staring at puppy in the eyes. A contest! He wanted to be puppy's TOP DOG. BAD BAD MAN.>

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! <raising his top lip, puppy showed needle sharp puppy teeth and more spinach leaf> GRRRRRR!!!

<puppy jumped onto the table, and lunged at the BAD BAD MAN, biting the wrist with the shiny stick>



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Hold Arboc! That pup's with me... <Cleowyn's Tire Iron of Slaying hangs from his tool belt... sizes up the mighty warrior... doesn't like his odds but stands his ground> Leave the pup alone my Friend...


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“OWWW!!!!” Arboc yells. “Damn little fuzz ball bit me. I wasn’t going to hurt him. Geez, no sense of humor.” The Knight examines his hand where the pup bit him. “Navic this furry little rodent belongs to you? Tenacious little thing isn’t it? I like that. Has moxie for such a little thing.” Arboc stands and extends his right hand towards Navic. “Come friend, sit. I have a tremendous amount of food to be eaten and some fine wine to be drunk.”


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<Shakes Arboc's hand... happy the mighty warrior didn't throttle him> Thanks for the invite Arboc.
<Takes a seat> please accept my apologies for snapping at ya. I don't know who's the owner of that pup...
<fills both of their glasses... looks down at Puppy> ...I don't think it needs an owner... it's a really smart dog... an eerie intelligence... almost as if...
<after a few moments of silence... realizes Arboc's staring at him> (Ahem) It's a good watch dog... been hanging around my tavern... enough talk 'bout dogs... what shall we drink too?
<Downs his glass and refills them> Howz it going with your LadyFriend?
<As Arboc talks... Nav *accidentally* drops a turkey leg on the floor for Puppy>


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Arboc begins to chuckle at Navic’s statement, “Lady Friend!? That’s a new one Navic. LC is far from a friend one could ever be. More like a fiend. But first, a toast.” Arboc raise’s his goblet and says, “To the memory of fallen comrades of long forgotten quests. May their tankers always be filled to the rim, their purses full of gold, their weapons always be at ready, their wench’s be accommodating :wink: , and their souls be at peace.” The mighty Knight puts his wine glass to his lips and takes a long drink.


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<Puppy dragged his BIG meaty bone as far away from the BAD BAD man as he could go and still have a chance at other things dropping on his head. GOOD things. YUMMY things. He ate, licking the meat for good GOOD tastes, then ripping the soft parts off, chewing once, twice - GOOD ENOUGH - swallow. He crunched through the bone to the sweet inside. He heard the bad man's voice, stopped crunching and growled.>


<A foot moved. The BAD MAN'S foot! He wanted puppy's bone! He was going to steal his prize! BAD BAD MAN! Puppy shot forward, sank his teeth into the foot as far as he could go through hard hard skin. This BAD MAN was harder on the foot than on the wrist. Strange. Puppy shook his head, trying to rip the man's foot. No good! Ohhhhhhhhh...puppy was sad. The foot shook back. Hey. A game? Was the bad man trying to play with puppy? OH! What FUN! Puppy's tail began a slow wag and he pulled back, paws digging in. He growled again, but this time it was his "I am playing ROUGH!" growl.>



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Feeling a tug on his boots, Arboc puts down his goblet and says, “What are you doing you little dust mop? Those are my good boots. Now stop it.” The Knight reaches down and picks up puppy and places him in his lap. He tries to pet the dog, puppy nips at Arboc’s finger tips. “Ahhh, no biting. Why are you attacking my boots? Hmmm? Are you a tough guy? Gonna take on the whole world? Sure you are. Here.” Arboc reaches towards the pheasant in the middle of the table and pulls off a large piece of meat and offers it to the puppy. “Here you go you savage beast. You win. No more biting, okay? I'm telling you Navic, other then you everyone I meet today wants to get physical with me." Arboc looks down at the puppy, still holding the pheasant meat in his hand. "First, LC does some crazy voodoo, and turns her pet toad into one big ungly guy, who then takes a whip the she-devil gave him, and cracks my neck with it. Then the half pint Xena across the table challenges me to a duel. And now Cujo here is trying to take my foot off. You know, sometimes it dosen't pay to be a nice guy."


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The eldest of the Dragons stared intently into the scrying globe watching the Ruins and Arboc the True. His reptilian eyes widened, the slitted pupils dilating and then narrowing to a thin line.

"AW, thisss creature here. Look carefully at hissss neck. Do you recognizzze what it issss?"

AW leaned in towards the shining ball of crystal held in the talons of the elder.


"You musssst retrieve it. Bring it to me before itsss nature is dissscovered by the humansss."

The Elder Wyrm was unware of AW's wings extending, pushing him up and out the opening of the mountain top. He was too intently focused on the glinting of the Delphic talisman around the neck of the furry creature Arboc the True was holding.


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*Walks in following the sounds of Arbocs mouth for miles* Arboc talks too much :evil: *Slams a vial of hepatitis C infected blood into his mouth and shivers as the glass breaks* Oooo..guess I better leave :)


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*As the sun hangs lower in the day's sky then it did when Arboc the True sat down to eat, the stable boy Oscar, sitting next to his father riding on the family wagon, appears at the top of a low hill, heading for the Knight and his guests. Arboc spots the boy and waves to him.* "Nav, ol'buddy, be a pal and make sure the warrior princess and this hell hound make it back to Misty Hollow. I've got a little errand to run before I turn in for the night. Thanks so much." *Arboc tosses Navic a purse of silver.* "Here. By the tavern a couple of rounds on me. Because tonight, if all goes well, we'll be celebrating. And if things don't go well, have a drink to commiserate. Listle, go with Navic back to the Inn." Arboc pushes away from the table and climbs onto the back of his horse. Looking down at the little knight, Arboc nods his head and says, "Mi'Lady", then he rides off in the direction of the swamp. The same way LadyChina went.


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The little knight starts, yelping, as she remembers that she was supposed to be back at the Hollow to meet with her new tutor. She claps her helmet back on her head, grabs a handful of sweeties to tide her over on her long dash back to the tavern and a pheasant leg just for Puppy. She just remembers her manners and bellows off in the direction that Arboc took, "FANK YOU MISSER ARBOCKY!!"