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Ruins of Cawdor


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Can anyone Help in the Ruine Room i am at level 20 and have touched all the plaques in the right order door will not Budge what should i do


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If the info you need is not in that link, then no I can not help you. As I said, I never played RoC. Sorry, maybe someone else has the answer.


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Uhmmmm.... Nope, no one but us chickens....And a few donkey's... Hehehehe...

Other then the link Navic already provided, I don't think anyone's able to help you further... ;-)


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Need a Hint

I can't seem to open the door to Galatea's room in the Sanctum. I've tried the skeleton keys and all the lockpicks. Anybody know the secret?


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Need Hint for skulkatorium

I'm a wizard, and I've completed all the guild rooms save for the thief one. I've completely mapped out the area, however, galatrea won't appear for me, and neither of the npcs give me any hint as to how I am supposed to proceed. Can someone please explain how to complete this area. And again before you answer, I have the keyring to pick the locks, etc.

Lady Bry

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New strange problem

Okay, I started playing RoC and I've done all the guild rooms (though all I did was read the plaques in the Rune Room... however, I don't have a stairway to go upstairs. Looked east of the main doors, nothing. Did detect on the walls, nothing.

I hate to ask this because I know the answer is going to make me feel blonder than I already am.. but can anybody help me find the stupid stairway???? :D

Follow-Up: Seems I had missed Galatea in the thieves room.. sneakin' nasty thing that she is... and now I have that darned stairway. Thanks to everyone who helped, and to Slohand for wishing he could help ;-)


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Here are all the clues in the Runed Room, extracted from RESOURCE.002. It's a pity they aren't written in iambic pentameter. I'm going to have to re-read Macbeth...

A: This wyrd sister lives no more
A: Save words here writ in living stone.
A: And for a life knee deep in gore
A: Beyond the grave I must atone.
A: Cawdor's bones are full of beasts.
A: Thy challenge: to defeat them.
A: To help my soul I can at least
A: Leave hints an thou canst read them.
A: Each clue thou findst upon these walls
A: Is split in sections various.
A: Together they will tell thee all
A: To kill the most nefarious.
A: Not all my clues are openly writ.
A: Some messages are obscure.
A: But when deciphered by thine own wit
A: Thy victory they'll ensure.

B: Cawdor's doors have mighty wards,
B: Protections hale and hearty.
B: An thou wouldst earn thy just rewards
B: Thou wilt need a balanced party.
B: Thou canst not force an entryway
B: Be thou strong or willful.
B: But oft a group can make their way
B: As can a thief most skillful.

D: gYoun allcomM saw a volley dal
D: siH cafe thob raif dan swimone
D: If hout muts ghfti mih hent eb dlag
D: uToh wares het rnwoC of soCimrn

E: Mdgi moysry ie hpt Lhtsashi
E: 'Ttg hsio ta mrrr hge sdkeeaa
E: Utplus teys hahh a mrgstro giin
E: Agg wadddi a Lleeee Darnns.

J: Tk dBfg oiea ihlaneol dqrsuctoe' ssome
J: Tnbt fhewal oeo nyudnis entrgs
J: TBt otkhhh lhn hii oeue ealss etl t'ss
J: TOs hdhrei yeat min ngsge.

F: Macduff's heroic fighting spirit.
F: sashfff'rherMocugdctingiiiipt
F: Will set thy face to frowning.
F: illsetttcygaehirooffwWnn.
F: If thou wouldst know how not to fear it
F: Iiahhuuldsknwwwnooooootttttffre
F: Then use the Cup of Drowning.
F: TtCfDsroowighheeennnuup.

G: Macbeth's shade is strongest of all
G: aaaaaaaaa abbBc cc dddeeeeee ee eee
G: But an thou earns his pocket
G: ffg gh hhhh hhhhH iii iikkll
G: Then in thy hands mayhaps will fall
G: llll ll LmM nnnnn nnooooo pprr ssss
G: The blessed Healing Locket.
G: sss ssssttt tttttTT uuwyy'

H:  Thou hast solved clues that I did brew
H:  With means anagrammatic.
H:  But these last clues are those that thou
H:  Solve with means cryptographic.

I: The Healing Locket's all that might
I: Ward off my sisters's power.
I: Use it steadfastly through the fight
I: And watch it make them glower.
I:  Bkw Kwqgmoy Glhuwb'c qgg bkqb amykb
I:  Nqti ljj ap cmcbwtc'c flnwt.
I:  Scw mb cbwqijqcbgp bktlsyk bkw jmykb
I:  Qoi nqbhk mb aquw bkwa yglnwt.

C:  Fancel epadsce teh mrrrduee's balde
C:  Btu he sllit flees hsi golom.
C:  If thuo wosdutl bets daeeft hsi shead
C:  Tehn wedil teh Cckar of Dmoo.
It would seem that only a group (Thou wilt need a balanced party) or a thief (As can a thief most skillful) will be able to proceed. I've tried picking the lock with a thief, though. Hmmmm.
Has anyone got past this door in the rune room ? If so is it a lvl 20 door? or does it have to do with touching the runes is a certain order? well anyway I have a lvl 15 thief online and I am able to go up stairs after getting the shield spell.. if anyone else is interested in playing cawdor let me know.. *The shield spell is the key to getting upstairs* *after completing all guild rooms go meet the person in your guild room to receive the shield spell*


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The Gallery?

Hopefully someone is still monitoring this thread. My brother and I have been playing online recently (the INN revival project - not the offline patched version) as a knight and ranger. We have progressed to 14th level and made our way to the L3: The Gallery on the second floor (although slowly, since we had to bring in extra characters on a third computer one at a time to get through the stupid guild specific doors on first floor).
However, here we are stuck and clueless on how to proceed. We have mapped the entire area except for some squares in the top two rows on the left side (see screenshot of map). We have walked on every square and fought everyone. We have used crystal balls and true seeing to try to get into the top left. We have even done read tracks on every square on the map that we can access. The brewery door remains shut and Galatea won't let us upstairs because it isn't safe to leave the ghost of fleance behind.
Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. It's been awesome to play this game after playing the first two back in the 90's in elementary school, but it would suck if this is all the farther we can get.