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I lost one of my best friends when he passed. I still think of him all the time.
Shiloh ( Chris ) passed away just before Christmas in 96. I miss him dearly. I miss the phone calls when he was at work saying " Can you be ready in 45 we're going to the movies.".I miss him just coming over to visit, checking out the shops and dining at the Hard Rock at Universal Ciy walk, or window shopping on Santa Monica Pier after having a great dinner at his favorite restaurant "Kings Head" and he was there during some rough times too. Chris was working on the movie "DNA" when he fell ill. His handy work is in the movie Beetlejuice also, plus others.

I thank God he didn't suffer long from the cancer that took him away. He was indeed one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for.


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Shiloh was my dear big brother in game and Chris was a dear friend IRL.
He was one of the first people I met in person from online.. and what big hugs he gave. His heart was always full of love and he was always thinking beyond himself. Each night before I logged out of INN he would always, without fail say "sweet dreams, goodnight, I love you" (SGL for short) to me. He's in my thoughts often and lives in my heart. Some people you meet in life just stay with you no matter what, Chris was one of those people for me. I got pregnant for the second time shortly after Chris died and after losing my first child to a heart defect when she was 3 months old... I felt like Chris was watching over me during my pregnancy...My son, Robert Christopher is named after Chris.

Sweet dreams, Goodnight, and I love you Chris.


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I bet he's smiling right now Sunny in your tribute to him. He indeed was a real sweetheart.
After his memorial service was over we went to his brother Tim and sister-in-law Terry's home. Chris was staying with them in his final days,Tim, his brother came up to me and said Patty, Chris truley loved you" I was so very touched and think of those words he said all the time. Chris had alot of love for alot of people. Just one more thing that was so great about him. His brother said to me too, Remember those slippers you got him ? (Which really surprised me that such a small thing Chris had apparently told him about) I said yes, he said "You know he wore those all the time, and at the end they were the only thing that fit him due to swelling. I thought it was special that Tim would take the time, at that time, to let me know.

On a lighter side, Chris and I almost got arrested once ROFL...He called me up and said Hunnnnnnny, I have to go pick up a car that I bought Asked him if he needed a ride and he said that would be great. So I went to his house, and then we went out and grabbed something to eat ( I remember we had Pastrami sandwiches) hehe. And then we went to the house where he was picking up this car. It was a Lime green Gremlin ...I saw it and Chris and i called it the Sham-mobile lol. Anyways I was following Chris back to his place, and he pulled over and got out and said "I forgot my book". Well Chris w/o his book was like a day without the sun. LOL It was like his black book but an organizer...He kept pictures and all n it too. So back we headed. Well the man had left and wasn't there so we waited for him to return so Chris could retrieve his book. We waited and waited in my car Finally we saw some headlights and they pulled right into the front of my car. They get out and it was the cops lol. So they have us get out and have me sit in the back seat of the patrol car, Eventually they put Chris back there too.( I think they had him handcuffed) They proceeded to search my car. Well I work in the medical field, and at a little novelity shop once, I had found these writing pens that looked like syringes. and they had liquid in them to look like they were real. Some had red, some yellow.....Well somehow a couple of them had rolled under the seat of my car and the cops found them ( they thought they were real syringes0 haha I explained to them exactly what they were so they let us go..The had gotten a call that we were caseing the street to burgalize some residences. Chris and I got alot of good laughs out of that incidence.


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ROFL.. that so sounds like you two!

When I read the "Hooooney" part.. rofl.. I can still hear him say it like that... he had that cute soft voice when he wanted something. LOL.. what charm he had!!

It's such a shame the world had to lose such a sweet soul :( I'm so glad he got to be a part of my life though.

I still have a post card he sent me from Vegas once when he was visiting friends. He took the time to think of me and sent the sweetest card.. LOL, he even put the stamp on upside down and drew the INN eyes on it because it meant "I love you" (so he told me later).

Man, I miss him so much :( *hugs Shammy*


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Hey there sister

Hey Shamrock,

Wow, I think of Chris all the time. He was so awesome, remember Knott's Berry Farm? Gawd, that was such a blast with all of us. What a night too. I miss him lots. I'll never forget meeting him the first time in Dallas, he was such a generious, gentle soul. And a good kisser to boot!!!