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<tapping feet, waiting patiently>


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Where is everyone? I'm waiting!!!

Should I start singing to myself? Will I be here all alone for quite sometime?

Sweetroll, Laughter and aka Shelley


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"Okay everyone, join in if you know the words!"

Just sit right back and hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip.
It started back in Waterdeep aboard an artifact ship.
The mate was a mighty warrior man, Gay Xeous was his name.
Six adventures went out that day to seek ancient elven lore...
Ancient elven lore...

The adventure started getting tough,
The tiny ship was stuck.
If it wasn't for the luck of the singing bard the party would be f***ed...
The party would be f****d.

The party found a span of stone 'ore a chasm really deep.
And Gay Xeous got knocked off it, the shot rather cheap.
The shot really cheap...

The rest of the party then opened fire and killed the guardian cold,
With Onwall,
The bard too,
The illusionist,
And the mage.
The xenophobic claustrophobic wild elf,
and the rest...
Made it back to Xeous' Folly!!!!

"Thank you thank you, I'll be here all week."


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I reck'n I heard that song before, catchy tune... <index finger tap'g chin> who sang that song? Gote, Jote, Joat! The wundering minstrel Joat! I've heard some pretty unbelievable tales 'bout him...


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Yeah that Joat could really belt them out.

Here's another one for the Yule season.

Oh come all ye merchants,
wealthy and resplendent.
Come ye oh come ye,
to Waterdeep.
Come and get rob-bed,
Beaten and vi-o-lated.
Oh let me pick your poc-kets,
Oh let me pick your poc-kets,
And leave you for dead.

(sniff) Just gets me in the holiday mood.