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The Dralkarian Quest


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Q: Tell me a bit more about my quest here.
A: Your goal, your ultimate goal that you have been waiting so long for is here. You will make your choice of the five portals in Pandemonium to the 5 Dralkarian Guardians of the Portal. These dralks are smarter and tougher than any other single monster you have fought so far.. But not quite as strong as some of the monsters you will encounter later. Luckily, the dralks will fight you one at a time, alone. In other words, you will find one and fight him, one on one, to the death. Each of the dralks requires an item to be found before he considers you worthy of challenging him. Each of them also has a magical Dralkarian Ring, which you promised to return to the Queen. Not surprisingly, you will have to get the Dralkarian Rings over their owners' dead bodies. Their rings allow them to control the Portal of Time, not making any of them completely immortal, but rather making all of them strong enough to defend the Portal against any invaders... almost (hint, hint, hint). Aeowyn wants these rings so that she and her Heroes could control the world in Immortality. The reward for this quest is given out to you in fragments. For every dralk you will get 3 million exp. (one for reaching him, one for defeating him, and one for giving his ring to Aeowyn), which for all 5 dralks adds up to 15 million experience points! :)

Q: Which Dralk should I go after first?
A: The five Portals lead to the five guardians of the Portal of Time. The Dralkarians are all strong in combat, but they should be approached in this order: Astelligius, as he is not only easy to get to but he also holds an item, the Eye of Circinus, that will aid you when you set out for Corpeus. Then, go after Malos. He is slightly harder to find, but still, the pathway is easy. When you get his ring, go after Corpeus, who is moderately easy to get to, but still some of his puzzles are brain-numbing. Then go after the Dralkarian Pluthros, who is easy to find and defeat. Finally, try and find Juvalad - who will definitely give you a headache.