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The Gateway


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Q: What is the purpose of this Gateway?
A: The Gateway is the huge portal that leads to different dimensions, which used to be guarded by the five Dralkarians. Now, the mad queen is trying to take over the Gateway and become immortal. You will be the only one with enough power to stop her; you defeated all five Dralkarians and made your way here...

Q: How do I get through?
A: First of all, you must get the Statue of Storm Giant. It is located 1 step north and 1 step west of the entrance. Then take the stained-glass window portal; you will be teleported to the ancient Gods' treasure room. Here you will choose a legendary weapon to fight Aeowyn with; the Sword of Ares, Bow of Eos, Neptune's Trident and Gaea's Flail. Pick your weapon, then head through the teleport. After doing this, go out of the 2-square "cubicle" you are teleported to, and head south. When you encounter the lava pit, use your new weapon to harden the lava. Then, head south and into an unmappable area, which is rather easy. Once you get out of the area via a stained-glass window, and you will be teleported to the very heart of the gateway. There are a lot of tough battles here, so cheat save often (see Tricks and Cheats). Follow this path, fighting all the battles, until you reach a stained-glass window on the other end. Take it into the last, ultimate pathway where you will finally meet your Fate. Simply follow this unmappable area to the Queen. Defeat her to win the ultimate prize...

Q: What do I get after defeating the Queen?
A: Step one step forward to the actual Gateway, the one that allows you to travel into different dimensions and different worlds. This was the goal that Aeowyn longed for; to become immortal using the Gateway and the five Dralkarian rings. You will get 8 million experience points, 3 points to each of your stats, a new spell, and a ticket into Choronozar's Demesne, which is your next destination. Congrats! You've defeated the evil queen and restored peace to Twinion and the Gateway once more. But there is another errand to do... you must go into Choronozar's lair and destroy him.

Q: I'm having trouble defeating the Queen. What should I do?
A: The reborn Dralkarians are your greatest threat here. They can hit very hard, even harder if they attack you at the same time. On the first round, cast Control and cross your fingers; luckily, (at least) one of the dralks will get controlled and you will not have to face so much damage. On the second round, Channel the dralks to greatly decrease their resistance against the Control spell; then cast control over and over until you get all 5 dralks, which you should usually get with 2 to 3 rounds of Control; if you have to heal, stop and do so. When you get the 5 of them controlled, cast Resist to defend yourself against Aeowyn's magic, the head for the Queen's Guards, which are even tougher to control than that dralks. Simply cast Curse on them and hack away with your weapon; 2 or 3 rounds should take care of them, if the controlled dralks hadn't killed them already. The Draco Lich is hardly any threat at all to you as it doesn't hit hard and has less than average magic. If it lasts, attack it, if it has already been killed by the dralks, go after Aeowyn. She can take quite a lot of punishment before going down; try casting Curse and then attacking. Backfire won't hurt as she has maximum healing ability. The dralks will kill a few of their own; finish them off with Curse and hack through them.