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The Graveyard, Snake Pit, and the Snakeskin Map


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Q: Now, how do I get the fourth map piece?
A: To get the last map piece, you must first have the following items: your Skeleton Key, and the Luminous Lantern from the Armory. This will make sure you are successful in the quest.

Q: Okay, where do I go from the entrance of the Night Elf Ingress?
A: Take the eastern portal to the Statuary. From there, go through the portal in the SW corner to the Graveyard. Note: this portal will *only* appear if you have the Skeleton Key. The Graveyard is a very tough area as it cannot be mapped. However, you can have a slight orientation of where you are if you run into a room that has a torch; then you can get a glimpse of the dark graveyard before the winds douse your flame. The first thing you will need to do is get the Snake Charm from the crypt. This magical medallion will prevent you from being killed instantly by the fearful Giant Asp, and turn him into a weakling snake. From the entrance of the graveyard, take the gated designated the "NorthEast Gate" on your right. From there, go forward until you run into a wall. Fight the battle there and turn west. Walk forward until you reach another wall. Go 1 step west, 1 step north, 1 step east, and unlock the door in front of you. Go through the door and detect the 3rd wall on your left. Go through the hidden door and follow along the passageway to your west. When you come up to the locked door at the end of the passageway, use the Luminous Lantern. The door will now be unlocked. Go through the door and take the passageway to your right. When you run into the first door, go through it. Go 1 step north, turn left, go 1 step north, turn left, go 1 step north, and you will end up at the Crypt.

Q: What do I do here in the Crypt?
A: In the Crypt, your main goal is to get the Snake Charm to be used in the Snake Pit. From the entrance, make your way east to A,16, face north, and detect. Go through the hidden door, make your way to D,11, face north, and detect. Go through the hidden door, go 1 step west and you will get the Snake Charm. Your Luminous Lantern will fade and dissipate when this happens, but you won't need it anymore anyway.

Q: What do I do next?
A: With the Snake Charm, go back to the entrance of the Graveyard via the Statuary or the Carriage House. From the entrance of the Graveyard, once again go through the same way as you did for the Snake Charm _except_ this time don't go through the locked door to the old tomb. Instead, ignore it, turn east (assuming you are facing the door) and walk along the passageway until you run into a wall with a torch. From there, turn east and go along the path, not taking any turns until you fall into and open grave. From the grave, go 1 step forward and 1 step east, then walk through the door. Take the door beyond it to the Snake Pit (termed Sn k P t in the game).

Q: What is my goal in the Snake Pit?
A: To get the Ruby Lockpick. From the entrance, simply go along the path, fighting the numerous snake battles until you reach the door on the other side of the room. Be sure that you have the Snake Charm when you go through this door, or otherwise, you'll be dead before you realize it. Go through the door, and the Giant Asp will retreat, fearing your magical talisman. Follow it, and you'll eventually come to fight it. Kill all the enemies, then step 1 step south to the Ruby Lockpick and some other treasures. From there, take the door to the south to return to Night Elf Ingress.

Q: Now that I've got the Ruby Lockpick, what do I do with it?
A: The Ruby Lockpick is used to open the shops of the Snicker's three brothers, Sneer, Smug, and Smirk. Smirk is the only honest brother who will lead you to the path to the Snakeskin Map, the others will merely throw you off track. The good thing is you don't lose your lockpick when you take the wrong path. The bad thing is, not surprisingly, the path to Smirk's Emporium is a tough one.

Q: How do I get to Smirk's Emporium?
A: If you have the Rope from Tipekans, you can go to the Infirmary, and swing your rope over a rock by going through one of the doors instead of going through the teleporter, however, if you don't have the Rope, you will have to go through the Fringe of Madness to get to the Library section of Twinion Keep. The easiest path to take to the Fringe is through the Ballroom ; the easiest path to take to the Ballroom is through the Statuary. From the entrance of the Statuary, go through and face the statue of Lord Zzuf. It will move aside and you can go through the eastern teleporter to the Ballroom. From the Ballroom, take the teleporter to the Gallery, from which you can get to the Vineyard, where you drop into the easternmost pit to the Fringe of Madness. Once you get through the Fringe (for directions, see the Parchment Map quest), take the pit to the west of where you emerge. You will be dropped into the Library. Walk to I,13, face south, and detect. Go through the door and make your way to F,5. Face south and use the Ruby Lockpick. Smirk's will be open for business. Go through the door and follow the path to the east. Walk through the teleport and you will be at Tipekans. Take this path to the teleporter at the end, then walk through. You will be teleported to the center of Tipekans. Walk around and through the door at the end and you will receive the fourth and final piece, the Snakeskin Map!

Q: Alright! Now what...?
A: Go and level up in the Guild Hall. You've reached the final point of the Map Quest. Your next destination - the Cartography shop