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TSNGemma - StormyYS


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She went by a few other names as well and loved to play Yserbius. Her real life name was Beckie and on 4/20/11 my wife lost her battle in life. We were married 25 years and this has been the hardest thing i have ever had to face in my life. Beckie did not waste her time in this world. She was the head chairperson for all the girlscout troops in central and south america as well as working for SOCOM Genrals Barry McCaffery who became the drug Czar in the United States and for General Wesly Clarke who ran for president.
Beckie had the ability to open her heart to everyone she met. At her service every seat in chapel was filled and people over flowed out into the lobby. This was a testiment to the person she was and I was very humbled by the affection given. Beckie was not only my wife but she was my best friend and soul mate. Her presence in this world will be sorely missed.
Beckie was also in several guilds from KOY to Orion to Celts and a few other i cannot remember at this time. I believe her online name at that time was Aelianna.


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To that great adventure another one of us passes. Let us honor her memory here on these walls from this day forward. Where with others you see etched here, Her life we celebrate, her time among us we remember, and her passing we honor. We salute you StormyYS ~/~/~/

Lady Kiri

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May it be a comfort to you in your loss, to know that she was thought of very highly by many of us who knew her in Yserbius.

<Lights a candle in her memory for Stormy, then turns quietly away, remembering all the good memories we share>

Lady Kiri of POY