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TSNPeggy / INNPeggy


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My wife who was StormyYS and TSNGemma / INN introduced us. Peggy became a member of KOY and was funny, witty and while in body tended to be older than most. Her heart and soul was young. She will be missed by those who had the pleasure to know her.


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Well that brought me to some memories and not so wonderful when she passed. Peggy was the best! We spent quite a bit of time together down south in California and the last time I saw her she told my then boyfriend, make sure you take care of her. Well he did and married me. She was so caring, loving and I miss her.


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God Rainstorm, a name I haven't thought of in ages. You inducted me into KOY (if that is the same one). I truely am sorry to hear of your loss, I didn't know her personally, but I am truely sorry.


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Although she was known by many different names online, TSNPeggy, INNPeggy, TSNBlue, and a bunch of others that I have either forgotten or didn't know about, I knew her best as Aunt Peggy. Some of my favorite memories were with her, sitting back to back on her computers playing all of the different games on TSN/INN. Taking me way deep into Darkland and telling me not to waste my spells, just "hit 'em with your stick" and she would obliterate all the monsters with Death Darts or something. I even still have her old TSN mouse pad, though I should probably wash it to see the artwork clearly again. Or sometimes, if no one else was playing cribbage and I was all alone in the room, she would log in on a profile that I didn't know and ask me in the game room to play. She always new it would make me happy. She was such a wonderful person and I miss her dearly, as I'm sure everyone that new her does.