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UO Homes and Gardens


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I must admit that one of the coolest features 'bout UO is building custom homes. How many times do ya get a chance to build a dream house? There are a large collection of beautiful customs around the City of Luna... and most are open to the puplic... stop by and check them out. Here are a few snap shots of my first effort...

Located on a secret island in Malas...

My 'lil fishing hole...

I just put this jaccuzi in... I like to see how long Axella can hold her breathe...

I invisioned the Star Room before starting on the place. It was an expensive room. I forgot the bloody telescope!!!

I'm a few items short to finish the last room of the house... I'll post it when finished.

Look here for some good home and decor sites...


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Inspired by Navic's work and his helpful posts. I was busy and put together some things...

A small piano

A workbench

A banner to scare people away or welcome them...

My new bathroom - can someone help with the leaky faucet??

I also found a new gambling parlor, complete with buxom serving wenches

Oh my, what is on the roof? Massage and hot tubbing!!


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I stole the idea from one of those websites I posted, so I don't wanna take full credit. In the future I'm gonna make it larger... I still have a bunch of goodies I wanna use in it :)
Your right 'bout the bug... I'm so ready to start another house :)

Hav Knot

Message for Upgrade
Hello Lord's and Ladies!
I hav found my way back on-to the magic box!
You'd think 'ol Haze would lock his doors but he is gen-er-us to poor way-ward souls... like me!
I hav got-ten many privy mess-ages about my posting skills, which I hav a 0 in, that is zero skill!
I can mix you up a ser-i-us poison but can not post a thing ledge-it-able.
I am sure you all said nice things, but I can not read, so thanks any-ways!
So any-ways:::
I hav tried to make a roof-top fish tank like Nav's!
Yes sir!
I fig-ered it would spice-un up the alley and may-be bring some wan-ted traffic!
But alas! My plans failed. See my sad face?
The younguns com-plane-d about the stinky fish on the roof!
Believe that??!!
But be-fore I could re-move the fish the whole roof co-lasped!
Poor Sally June bear-ly made it out!
Do not fear my Lords and Ladies!
I am about to look for a new home for the childs and I!
I'm sure Haze has some-thing big enuff a-round here that I can still tote out and live in!
If you wish to doe-nate to our cause
Please make contra-butions to our fantastic GM's !