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Weekly Poll #1 [Hallowed are the Ori]


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At the end of Season 8 when the SGC and soon-to-be Jaffa Nation finally accomplished the seemingly impossible and defeated the Goa'uld, it seemed the villains we've all come to love (and despise) were finally on their way out. Season 9 and 10, however, brought the Ori. The Ori were villains that - while vastly different from the Goa'uld we all knew - retained that same smug superiority and provided that same thrill to watch.
Stargate Worlds will be returning us to the height of Goa'uld dominance, where survival was uncertain and loyalties divided.
Poll Question:

Are you excited to be returning to this part of Stargate's history in SGW, or do you want to see brand new villains to conquer and planets to explore?

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