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Who is playing the 'Cano' games again via INN Barn?


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There has been a recreation of the original Imagination Network server software from scratch running for a few months now called INN Barn ( http://innbarn.com/ ). It was designed to restore some of the functionality of the former DOS servers. It's been created and hosted by Jim Leiterman who worked for INN back in 1994-95. In addition to the server, he has programmed the proxy interface for Windows to connect to said server.

We can now play with friends in Cawdor, Twinion, and Yserbius along with most of the INN games inside of Dosbox running the original Imagination Network client software for free.

You can download a setup package for windows that includes everything you need to connect and play. It's provided by the Sierra Help Pages here:


Basically, you run the innproxy on your PC, you run the INN software in DOSBox, and when you connect to INN it connects to the running proxy as if it were the old dialup modems we use to use in the “old” days to connect to the INN server.

Also to note Linux users can run the innproxy in WINE pretty well. (I'm a Linux user myself)

There is a facebook group if you are so inclined to visit called ImagiNation Network (INN) Revival

Hopefully, we'll see some of you people in Imagination and the 'Cano'!