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Wondering about others...


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does anyone still keep in touch with others who are no longer here?

I have seen BeggarBob's name mentioned and it got me wondering about others.

Anyone know anything about another old friend? BunnyGirl.


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hey bro. ACing still?

lol, I remember BG. Kitt was huge friends with her, so I used to hang out iwth her all the time.


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hey brudda :)

nah,,,dropped AC awhile ago.

we have Deadz on 3 servers in WoW atm, but as per usual,,,I am wondering what is new and exciting in some other world by now.

Something about level caps and an end game which only is raiding and pvping tends to turn me off on a game quicker than most things do.

How about you?


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Where have they gone to?

Aye SK, I wonder as well my fellow as I havent seen those babies of BG's since the conseption...... I wonder if she has any more holes in her... last time I had spoken to her she was working on putting studs all the way around the outside of her ears..... she is awesome.... hope she is ok.... hey... I remember how to get a responce from her...





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I suspect that it would be up to us, to find these lost souls and reunite them with their fellow travelers. I recommend scouring the known Internet in search of them. Just about ANYONE can be found by the internet, now days... So go out, my fellow Foresters... Find the lost Anarchs, Wenches, FK'ers, DEADZ, POY and GOT... And return them home... To Fear Forest.


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Lost Souls

*She peers into the moon filled night...deep into the Heavens, wondering where to start looking deeper for the ones who have yet to come...her mind wanders and she remembers when she wanted to create a new guild and named it after her favorite medieval vampire series...Forever Knights*


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Wow's loot system makes me cry. The ability to roll on things just triggers the absolute worst of my possessiveness ;p

I used to play guild wars, but i got kinda bored of it. now i don't play anything, other than capcom vs snk 2 (Street Fighter ;p)