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Ys Alumni Game Nights


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Now and then me and some of the old Celts (and a lot of the Dark Horizon folks) used to set a game night to play non-mmorpgs and just have some fun. Our old poison was Tribes Tribes 2 and Counter Strike.

I was thinking maybe we can have a little fun by reactivating this old practice and add in the folks from here .

If we do decide to stir this back up. this is the list of games we are considering. If you have any of the games on the list, and are interested in it, just list your games, nights you prefer. This is a very casual activity, and we always use just invites on the servers, so no need to worry about public riff-raff.



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Guess listing the games would help:

Battlefield 1942
Battlefield Vietnam
Battlefield 2
Star Wars Battlefront II
Star Wars Battlefront
Halflife 2 : Deathmatch (Team and FFA)

We try and stay with games that will allow us to spawn bots to fill in a light server.


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Oooooh... Good Idea BC... Hey, Email me with any updates and I'll post something in next month news letter as an offical event... Mean time, I've posted a Home Page news artical on this. :wink:


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Jedi Academy, despite being 3 years old, has some neat custom models and maps, you may want to try that out as well.


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Unreal Tournament the original or Unreal Tournament 2004 :D

Maybe even Total Annihalation for the old timers.

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Just checked back.. so no one else here has any of the games listed up top? basicly going for what the most people have on their shelves at home. I would have figured Battlefield 1942 was a safe bet since its a 9 buck special at walmart.
I'll see how many have unreal and jedi from the other crowd and get back to you here.



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I don't play any of those games... but I'll stop by and drink a few ales with ya's :p

Ohh... love the sig BC


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I'll take anybody on in Quake 4 let me know what u think and for the people who don't have these games try using a torrent Bittorrent.com is the one i use and its free the use the web site isohunt.com to search for the game just hope you have broadband and the ability to sit for a while ;) (YOU CAN ALSO GET MONDAINS LEGACY ON HERE)