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Yserbius Development Progress


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Well i wanted to drop a note to let everyone know the developement of the YS Classic client is still in motion. We expect some nice results as the next build.

Meanwhile you can play with the demo we have which lets you create your character and visit the tavern even if it is alone it is still further than most of have been back into YS in ages seems like.

I went and make my old Avatar and did a screenshot of it and loaded it here as my new Yserbius.Org forum avatar. If others would like to do this but do not know how just get in touch with myself, Tiger, or Navic and we will be glad to help. you can reach us by PM, or by filling out a ticket located in the left hand side of this page.

Thanks to all of you who have shown so much support in the last 6 months. and with your continued support and patience we will get this YS Classic back online.

``` Slohand ```


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Nono, thank you for bringing back such a diamond in the ages-old rough. I would play YSUO but I wanna play Yserbius, not UO hehe. One last thing tho (just a suggestio, shouldn't ask more than what you are currently doing cos that's too much already :p~) but could you possibly make an optional stand-alone client?

Many thanks for still keeping it going. t makes my heart skip a beat to still see this in the works. ^^


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There will be both,, We will have a Java applet for use from a browser and also members will be able to download a Standalone exe file. Both will work with and use the same server. so no matter which way you prefer. YS will be available.. slo