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Yserbius on wikipedia


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That's why Slo pays me the big bucks :D
Actually Zenther beat us to it. I just added our link.

The INN/TSN webring is available to anyone. I put my application in for it before some yahoo does. If anyone's interested in running it please put an app in. Link...
http://s.webring.com/hub?ring=tsninnring (sorry, seems to work when it wants to :roll: )


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Tiger said:
Isn't there already a webring for INNers?
Aye, but there's no one running it at the moment. It could use some updating since we have more links here then the ring does :cry:

Xen , your link was there so I assumed you updated it. If that's not the case, then I earned my $$ cuz I was there first woohoo :p

Seriously, if anyone want's it have at it.


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Tiger said:
Sounds like a job for Navic! Hehehe... 8)
Man, your killing me hehe. I just learned how to post and ya want me to run a webring. I guess with enough cold-n-gold's I'll make it sweet :p


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Mark was the sound producer on the Yserbius Project The producer of the Entire program was Joe Ybarra Mark currently has a website at http://www.markseibert.com/ I spoke recently to Mark with regard to Yserbius and Sound bytes and wave files and unfortunately he tells me he lost of of his materials for that project. .. slohand ```


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Uhmmm... Not sure why this was closed, but I'm re-opening it....

I've added and corrected some things on the Wiki page for Yserbius. If anyone wants to double check them, go for it.


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Hey, Cie... Why they asking for citations now? What is the Wiki Page missing thats giving them this conclusion?
They're getting a bit anal lately about citing sources. Honestly, I don't know what you could cite. The Yserbius instruction booklet? Some magazine articles regarding Yserbius? Hmm ...