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YSUO Harvesting Announcement


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Ever dream of being a farmer? Harvesting your own crops for food, brewing, or just challenge that green thumb of yours? You can make it happen now in YSUO. Planting and tending your crops. Page a staff to discuss your farming land options.

We have many other new things in game also. Wax crafting, taking care of a bee farm are a couple.

We have some player events coming up in the near future that should be challenging and very rewarding.

If you have a second or two, please click the vote link again. It resets every week.

Set a time with your friends and join us for some fishing, treasure hunts, hunting, or to just pound a few ales. I'll buy the first round. The more the merrier.

~/ Ber


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Harvesting screen

Hav Knot, I wish you the best in supporting all your lil ones. I thought you only had 9 kids.......

I wanted to post an updated screen shot of the harvesting in action. The crops grow and then you can harvest. The farm hand will also purchase some of the items that are harvested, others can be used as food or for brew making. Sell them to other players and start your own road side, farm fresh market :)

~/ Beramar