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This is a reprint from the YSUO membergroup email.....

This is email is being dispatched to the membersgroup of YSUO.
We hope this message finds thee well, all thy battle won and thy coffer filled to the brim
with gold and treasure,.

I just wanted to drop a note and thank you signing up to the membergroup and playing YSUO.
Couple items to note please.

We have a forum section dedicated specifically to YSUO here on the the website. Please take
moment and read some of the previous post and check out the screenshots. Some are hilarious.
Obviuosly the site is access from the website, but ingame there will be a Webstone that will
you to click and open the forum directly from within the game on a browser page.

We are currently constructing a new House of Commons in the town of Luna. This house will
serve as a central meeting place for all things YSUO, from elections to events, This will
be where ya go.

This will also be where we store all weapons, armor and other craftable items purchased from
craftsman.(see below). We from time to time are subject to invasions, it is as times like
these we arm our citizens with weapons and armor from the YSUO armoury. We have held our own
against several invasions in the past, once we were nearly overrun by chickens and another
time we almost met our end from Trolls.

As mentioned above, We buy all craftables and resources from members. Dont sell them to vendors
sell to us to receive a really fair price. We stock our armoury this way, this also gives you
the chance to earn gold and raise your skills, This goes for all craftsman, resource gatherers
A couple new items,

New players now receive 10,000 gold instead of 1000, this should go a long way to get your
adventure started.

We now include a hearthstone to new players, This is much like WOW you can use it once per hour,
currently it will hearth you to a inn in Britain. This location will eventually change.

One last thing.
We are currently giving out etheralmounts to members who recruit a friend to play. If you signup
a friend who registers on the Yserbius.Org website, joins our membergroup and plays YSUO you will
receive a Ethy Mount of your choice. Please keep it honest we can tell when the same IP is used
by multiple accounts.

Well thats all i have today, hope to see you ingame soon.