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YSUO (Yserbius Ultima Online) in Open Beta


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Some of you will remember the MMO called Ultima Online which currently has 225,000 subscribers world wide. Well Yserbius.Org is pleased to announce we have opened our own Shard(server) for Open Beta Testing
This Game once online will be free for all to use. and will function exactly like the Real UO. Some Yserbius.Org rules will apply of course. For those interested in this. there will be download instructions posted below. We reccommend you have DSL or Cable Or other High Speed Connection as one file is 600 mb. Simply follow the instructions and you will be on your way to joining us in YSUO. Once you have set up the software as instructed Send me a Private Message and I will create your user Account and Password and email it to you. Please note This is Open beta all accounts will be deleted once system goes online and your permanent accounts are assigned.

for now Enjoy the game and if I catch up with you i will pass on a few nice beta toys to play around with.



Ok first thing you need is is a UO client you can download it here


It is 600 Megabytes but a DSL, Cable, T1, or T3 should be able to download this rather quickly. it took 7 minutes for my cable connection.

Once this is downloaded install it. and then Run it,, it will go into Autopatch mode. Let it autopatch until it is complete. Once it is totally complete shut it down we are down with this for now.

Ok one more file to download


Download the UO gateway beat 1.9 at the bottom of page. Keep this page open though as you may be required to download the VB runtime files to make this Gateway work.

Ok now install the Gateway program and Open it

Now click New Local Server Tab

Name the Server yserbius and down under IP address insert and leave the Port at the default of 2593

The next tab should say remove encryption leave that at its default
Click save and you are ready to go

Select the My Servers Tab and a UO client will open Insert the Username and Password you will receive and you will see a Server list with Yserbius on it, Select it and continue,, Create a character and name whatever you want. once in the game I suggest you get familiar with the game and controls, IF you need help uo.stratics.com is an excellent source for help with characters and adventuring I will be in and out in the evenings so i will help when i can.

What I need is for you folks to create chars and go about selecting a skill and start raising it. If you want to be a miner then go mine, Lumber jack then go cut trees warrior then go find monsters and animals to raise skills.

I will give you folks a few days to get familiar and have fun before we start focusing on certain things. meanwhile look for bugs and jot anything you see down. and email it to me.

In the future we will start creating uber chars so we can test the big dungeons and such ie dragons etc etc. Then we will move into testing house placement etc etc [/quote]


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Excellent, I will be trying it out tonight.

I played UO for about 2-3 years and ran my own offline shard for some time. Good luck with it, I know how much work it can be too keep things running smooth and adding all the objects, etc.


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Quite intriguing.

I'd try it out, but I'm almost out of HD space, maybe if I buy a new PC later this month. Otherwise I'm all but through with MMORPG's. Still, if I were to try any shard out there, it would be the Yserbius one :p


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probably should make note for new players like me about that obscure command that doesnt seem to be in any of the help files, but slohand was kind enough to point out:


(for locating other online players and talking to them I suppose - altho nobody was on when I tried)

And yes, with just the one bracket (as far as I know).


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Thank you for posting about this command Shoe, It is not a part of the Original UO i have added for those who would like to chat cross the world.

[c or [chat without text following itwill open a box with several menu items and list of who is online.

[c or [chat Followed by text will send that text out on the System wide Chat.

This is a brand new Shard so it will take time for people to find it. Most Shards will end up around 500 active members using it. so if you are going to get in and claim a house spot you better do it soon before all the good ones are gone. Lady China has already staked her claim.

Otherwise to post all the instructions on how to play the game would be redundant as they are all posted at http://uo.stratics.com as stated before. Please use this source as a reference for all things YSUO as this is a duplicate of todays Online UO.

thanks all for your support. shoe should have been on last night we had 7 peeps on at once. Record for a 3 day shard lol.... Beamer was there as well last night. Have a great evening everyone... Slohand


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Yes, and Spell started some horrendous rumor that Tiamat was a GUY. This is after poor Sean confided to Tiamat that, indeed, under his kilt was ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

I happen to know that Tiamat is a superior species creature - aka A WOMAN, because I am she. I'm not going to be her any longer though, now I'm Sylara.

I didn't really like being a necro - the horses just didn't look very perky when I brought them back to life.

Now I am "SYLARA - GREAT MACE WIELDING WARRIOR WOMAN!" And I am offering cruises to any interested parties, on specified dates. The wonders of the seas of Yserbius must be experienced. DOLPHINS frolic, and there's not a tuna net in sight.

Just remember, any newb, everything you do raises a skill or stat somehow. Well, except randomly running around. So just do something constantly, hack a tree, hack a monster, cast a spell, open your SKILLS section on your paperdoll and keep it open and use them. Look at a creature to discover its anatomy. (tosses that out for the horndawgs to chew on) RUFF! WOOF! WOOF! ;p


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Re: Woo Hoo!

Juliette said:
I'm coming, I'm coming!! Errr <cough> to play... um... I was just debating canceling WOW ... so I am really excited :) :D
Go for it. I cancelled WoW months ago, and every day that goes by feels better and better :p


Message for Upgrade

I downloaded both files and had no problem. Registered with EA. Tried to put a user name and password into log in screen and keep getting communications at origin problem message. What am I doing wrong?

Empress of MRA


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see my post

see my post regarding logging problems at the link below Beamer had same problem and somehow or another messed with it and got it to working. Try port forwarding port 2593 if behind firewall or router and if not try the steps below.. absolutely no one can explain why this happens to some people and not to others. if you had two computers chances are if installed on second computer it would work like a charm sigh,, not sure but rest assured i am trying to figure it out.




This looks cool ok I have this all installed but when I try to log in and put in a user name and password it just says it verifying and gos no further.. do i need to create a acct somewhere first.. Thanks in advance SirDie


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Leah said:
I downloaded both files and had no problem. Registered with EA. Tried to put a user name and password into log in screen and keep getting communications at origin problem message. What am I doing wrong?

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Ok I turned off my firewall and I am getting the same message the lady is getting.. :( hope there is a fix for this... :)


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try this

I am working on a way for all of us to be able to log into the shard without having to UOGATEWAY This program is the problem. but first i want you to try this please

Open your UOGATEWAY and click the button Public Servers scroll down the list until you find the server Mondo Dei Sena It is a ML Shard. Click on this link it will put the link in your "My Servers Folder" Click on it there and it will open a patch let your client patch and then it will open a window. insert a userid and password and see if it opens for you to a server then a character creation screen if so log out and close that uo client window and then in UOGATEWAY try to come into our server again and see if it works.. Please do this and post here if it works or not..

Try this and let me know.. Please be patient everyone I am working on this problem as fast as i can.. and I will find a solution for it... Slo


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wow that makes two people who have beat this problem.. SirDie please post with a little bit more description what you did to beat this problem.. thanks Slo