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Thread: The Guilds of Yserbius...

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    Re: The Guilds of Yserbius...

    hello all .. Virginia beach was nice but glad to be home... am going through the post wow,,, lots of training going on lol..... Slo

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    Re: The Guilds of Yserbius...

    Glad to see this site!

    One of the original Orions! With Wicked One and Khalornx!

    At the time I was Ged partnered with Adamanta!

    Went on to play Meridian 59 before it died.

    Still have my original disks in fact. Anwhere to play in multi-player mode again?

    Still have our old site up at

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    Re: The Guilds of Yserbius...

    I've added some Yserbius Guild Home Pages to the guild/forum links page. Some of the links on the pages are broken but you'll still find info on them. I'll continue to add more as I find them.

    <Thwaps himself for forgetting the guilds mentioned>

    Cheers :/

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    Re: The Guilds of Yserbius...

    Correct me if I am wrong.. But doesnt KOY stand for Knights of Yserbius? I keep seeing Kingdom of Yserbius. I was one of the original Charter Members of KOY and for the life of me I dont ever remember Kingdom of Yserbius. maybe I am old and senile now lol.. Slohand ```

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    Re: The Guilds of Yserbius...

    Knights. Definitely knights. KOY got made fun of very often. It's more fun with "Knights" than "Kingdom"

    All those light mongers in their armor just made 'em shinier targets.

    Okay, so I was an honorary member too, but I'm pretty sure I didn't get made a member on the subject of shiny honor. Mostly cause I was related to everyone. Someone let their mom in.


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    Re: The Guilds of Yserbius...

    Check out the Guild Links ya old 'n senile... ah I'll leave it at that... :P

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    Re: The Guilds of Yserbius...

    No, no, no. KNIGHTS. I said so. Don't care what anyone else says. I don't. I'll just whap them and say "Son, I was playing hearts long before you came up with that name, do you know what my mailbox number was? No, I didn't THINK so."



    Anything else will be greeted with loud humming and holding of the ears.


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    Re: The Guilds of Yserbius...

    so it was Knights ,, I knew I was right!! I dont know where or when that changed but at least now I know I am not crazy hehe

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    Re: The Guilds of Yserbius...

    Okay, if Slo and I are senile, so is SnowWolfe. I just queried the gentleman in the kitchen if KoY is Knights or Kingdom, and he emphatically also claims "Knights"

    I will settle on this: Anyone who was there a while ago knows it was Knights. Someone may have changed it, someone may have done something that wasn't authorized, but for those of us who made it part of our daily fun to pick on KoY for no apparent reason other than someone had run out of wit temporarily, it is Knights.

    I mean, really. SnowWolfe even remembers it.

    It's gotta be true.


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    Re: The Guilds of Yserbius...

    I thought so too, but their site say's Kingdom...

    Maybe it was changed to Kingdom when FOT and Ruins of Crawdad were added

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