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Thread: The Guilds of Yserbius...

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    Re: er....

    Quote Originally Posted by Rainstorm
    More crumpets and a spot of Tea please...........
    Hehe, that's what I was thinking... betcha the guild lasted up until they encountered the :/ MERCs :/ :P
    <Kick'g back, drinking tea with milk in it, then... !WHAM! a Barb axe cuts the table in two>

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    I'm totally serious. I'm glad that the name took you as much like a bad taste as it did me. I don't know how long the guild lasted. I hated the concept so much it stuck with me all these years though. *spits to get the bad taste out* yuck...

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    WOD (Warriors Of Destiny) Was this an Yserb guild??

    This was Warriors of Destruction in Yserbius. Once the guild collapsed the WOD Princess (Fantasy) created TOY (Templars of Yserbius) The vast majority of WOD members created TOY characters while I recall quite a few transferred over to MRA (Mystical Realms of Asgard)

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