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Thread: Trouble Ticket System

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    Trouble Ticket System

    Just wanted to tell everyone when you have a problem with something to be sure and use the trouble ticket system. The system works and your problem will be seen faster by myself or the other volunteers. since we cannot be at the site full time the ticket system alerts us you have a problem. If you see the live help is green then by all means page one of us if you have a problem. I make this post because i received a email from someone with a problem to my personal email and I did not notice it immediately. as I am either staring at my work email or yserbius email. Thanks everyone for making this site home again... Slo

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    trouble ticket

    I am still having a correction error. And how do you access the trouble ticket?

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    Excellent question....
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    Trouble Ticket system was removed because of hackers spamming it every 5 seconds with spam tickets we will implement better system in the future

    As for the tavern it is open and working i just checked it. I sent you the username and password for it and just checked and confirmed i sent the correct username and ID follow the instructions on mainpage exactly word for word and it should get you in. Slo

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