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Thread: Who was this?

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    Who was this?

    Found in one of my guild newsletters...

    Dear Friend,
    Just last week, we lost 2 dear friends of POY to a terrible tragedy. They
    are survived by their two children, Nicole and Anthony Whitley. Most of you
    asked how you could help the children, knowing as did we, that the children
    have a long and difficult road ahead of them. Thanks to the efforts of our
    dear friend Roo, a trust fund has been established for the children, in the
    children's name to help them through life. Because so many have asked how
    they can help, I am sending you this letter with information about the trust
    fund that has been established. Please be as generous as is possible and
    send your assistance to...:

    Nicole & Anthony Whitley
    c/o Bank of America
    xxxx Houston, TX 77065 Please make donations payable to:
    Nicole and Anthony Whitley and on the back, please write: For Deposit only
    to acct xxx.

    Please do NOT send cash. A check, money order or casheirs check is very
    acceptable and will be tremendously appreciated. I am sure the children's
    parents will be touched by your generous helping hand. Go with God friend,
    and please write us if you have any other questions or concerns.
    Lady Kiri%POY%Queen

    Squire DarkSyde

    I support King Oak in this VERY worthy cause, as I hope you will

    Please forward this information to all your friends, Guild affiliates,
    etc. Your help in this is REALLY appreciated. Your Friend,
    Avatar, Duke of NOR, RPI

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    Re: Who was this?

    Since so far I'm the only other Ex-POY Memember active here... I'd have to say... I'm stumbed! Either this was before I got there, or I just don't remember, period.... Interesting mystery.... Maybe Spell and RubyRed could remember?
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    Re: Who was this?

    was this the couple where he took her life right before taking his own?

    that night was the first time I realized how extreme these games can and do effect us.

    and also that cybering could be dangerous to ones health.

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    Re: Who was this?

    You know... I do vaguely remember something about this. I bet Spell remembers though. He has a better memory for those things than I do!


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    I spelled stump wrong? Argh... (Smakes Spell)....

    Sorry, had to find a reason to do that... LOL
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    The trust fund

    I remember this letter. I also remember asking LK if it were true or if someone was just being nasty. The fact that I could think that way really bothered me and it just underscored life online for the future. We gather here remembering the good time and some of the not so good times, but it was more like little kids playing in the sandbox. Sooner or later they grow up. Most of them are productive and many live happy lives. But there are always the few that really scare the heck out of me.

    <Blinks. Clears mind... flushes toilet>


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger
    I spelled stump wrong? Argh... (Smakes Spell)....

    Sorry, had to find a reason to do that... LOL
    Looks like you need to find your Spell checker

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    We will miss you dear Sharron. Wow, it's been so long. Your memorial, Sailing by Christopher Cross. Hope you are sailing as you wanted to be. Everytime I hear that song it reminds me of you and how the minister said this was one of your favorite songs. I know you've watched over the children and hope they are doing well.


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    My mind fails to recall this, but I was KOY and not POY. Maybe its just me, but I can't believe that neone wood due such a theng. If it did happen, there must have been another force wurking. Yserbi7us was strong, but strong enuff to get two adult pearents to end life with tue little ones left behind...tis tru, Yserbius made me doo strange things...butt

    <lQQks for the spell chex button>

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    There was a lot more to it that had nothing to do with INN. Just happens she was on INN that night before it all happened and talked about how she was scared. She was at a friends house the night before as well and they tried to get her to stay but she wanted to get back to the kids. So the next morning when I found out, I called INN, they called the Houston authorities and that is when it was found out that she was gone.

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