Vanguard has just opened a new section on their web site. Titled "In The Works" it provides players with... well what the Devs have in the works.
While this page is meant to provide some insight as to what is 'in the works' for Vanguard, it should by no means be considered a complete list or schedule and will frequently be updated and/or changed. Thank you!
* Lots of big fixes!
* Art - Optimizing art performance
* Travel - Addressing ways to travel and travel times
* Item Economy - Addressing several item economy issues
* Xennument - Questlines and dungeon population (high 30s to mid 40s)
* Beranid Downs - Questline and population adjustments (high 30s to mid 40s)
* Expanding Hunter's League quest line (low teens to 30s)
* Afrit - Questline and population adjustments (mid to high 40s)
* Rahz Inkur - Questline and population adjustments (high 40s)
* Gorgalok Swamps - Questline, events and population adjustments (mid to high 40s)
* Mount Quests - Shadowhound and Unicorn (mid 20s to 30s)
You can read the entire list on the Vanguard Site!