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Thread: Art Contest! Tee-Shirt Contest!

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    Work your magic. My crayola wand is broken. ;p

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    here's the one.... sorry, I'm in the middle of a big project for "real" work so all of my creative time has been basically dedicated to that instead

    and slo, not sure if I PMd this to you or not, but here's your avatar cleaned up around the edges a bit.. sorry if I already have! (and wasn't sure where else to put it so I figured here was as good as any other place!)

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    Alright, here are my submissions, hope you all like them. Im using one of those image hosting services hopefully it works right.

    Here is the front And the back

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    Not to spam or anything, but I thought Id put up more professional designs for my shirt. Check them out

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    I definately remember that chest, those pulsating pecs, that silky mustache... err...

    Nice JOB.

    With the limited facial features we all worked with - there bound to be some embarassing mistaken identity issues!

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    you know you could offer a personalization service for X dollars...

    now that the tavern is up and you're able to log in and see your character/info.. we could have a design that has a "your character here" type of option... the person ordering could submit their char image via email and it could be added to the database at cafepress..

    normally it could be an issue using the smaller graphics but since you're using cafepress that doesn't use photo ready images, it would definitely work and one of us (I can only speak for myself of course) could certainly take the small amount of time to adjust/cut/crop those images..

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    The idea of creating personalized shirts would be a neat one, but probably wouldnt be a hit until Yserbius was up and going. It would be pretty easy and quick to setup as well. I have another really neat shirt idea but I need a picture of a certain monster in the game to make it, and im trying to find that now

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    and I need to take back what I said. using screenshots & stuff for cafepress work is going to be difficult. The template ya need to work with for a full(ish) front design tshirt needs to be a high res type of image - using a straight out shot from the game may not prove to be anything more than a blur on a tshirt in the end..

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    It can be done, its just gotta be done resizing it to 300 DPI, in a graphics program... Same way I did the cano image... Looks fine on the T-Shirt...

    Personalizing it however would be WAY to much work, and take up WAY to much time... Wouldn't be effiecent at all... Sorry.... Though, maybe we could use it as a permotional thing down the road....

    BTW, the posts about the Mapp and resizing was moved to it's own topic in the 3D Graphics and Animation...Graphic Resizing...

    And these entries are awsome! Keep them commin guys! Admin/Mods are goina have a hard time picking a winner...
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    edit: forget it.

    best wishes to those that are going to enter the contest, I don't know that I'll be creating any further images.

    thanks for the opportunity and good luck.

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