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Thread: Lady Bry, Porter, Sybil Where are you?

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    Excellent Idea. I am on it.

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    I remember ya slohand, to some degree (still trying to jog my memory from so long ago - sheesh), and I remember many of those names - never knew them past the INN days, but I do remember they were some of the "friendlier" girls in the Tavern, wonder you'd remember them.

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    I remember Lady Bry and Porter, as we exchanged a few messages outside the game for awhile... Things just faded away as time tends to do... Good folks!

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    I recognize some of those names. I am sure I met Porter in person at one of the gatherings at Florida or Atlanta. Isn't INNBlue TxBlueRose's INN tagged character? If so, I met her at the Fresno gathering and out here in Los Angeles also. I seem to remember Lady Bry. There is a Lady Bryana whom I also met, but I think they are different people. I also remember Crys, Maja, and Valvet. It has been so long ago.

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    Smile Just found y'all

    WEll, I just found this place - after all these years. Don't know if anyone is still reading these threads, but saw an awful lot of names that frought back memories. Painful to hear about FD. And then saw some posts from Veldare ... now there's a name from the past. Anyway, say hi if anyone is still here.

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    WOW INNBLUE!!!! HOW ARE YOU!!! i doubt you will remember me but i remember you. the site is slow, but it gets traveled regularly, so look up old friends and send em PM's here and welcome home!!

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    Holy cow! INNBlue! People still read these from time to time, they know we're here and kickin...
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    Hello to folks out there .. I mostly lurk but try to read the posts and log into Yserbius from time to time.
    It's always nice when a name from the past resurfaces!

    Earl aka INNMathew

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