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Thread: Lady Bry, Porter, Sybil Where are you?

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    Lady Bry, Porter, Sybil Where are you?

    I played Roleplay Inn mostly in my tenure in the Cano, I went as Damon, and Tay to mention a couple. I am looking for friends from back in the day, They would have went by. Lady Bry, Porter, Sybil, FireDancer, INNBlue, and of course if I missed anyone and you want send me a Tell Thanks all Slohand

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    Hey Taylor. You and I used to hang out quite a bit in the cano. I was Guido and Cecil.

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    Hiya bro

    Seems to me I remember helping a Cecil Make the Trip around the So he could get through the Door or hidden door in the wall. heck i cant remember the name i just know i had to jump in a hole lol... How have you been? As you can see this is my new project. with other folks we are trying to archive and create a place for us old Yserbians how have you been?

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    Wow...well, I kept in touch with LadyBry for a bit after INN died, but lost track of her quite a few years back. I have FireDancer's phone number stuck away somewhere... When I find it I'll try it. But... Email me, I have some inside info for ya about FD that I don't wanna share in open posts.

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    D'oh! Posted that last one before I signed in!

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    Hey there

    I dont know who you are to email about FD register and send me a Private message to SLohand.....

    I have something to tell you about FD as well,, dont try her number and i will explain thanks please Send me a private message or email me at deleted thanks Slo

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    ahhh ok Iron hehe send me a private message Slo

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    Cecil! Wow, thats a name I haven't heard in awhile! FireDancer was on Emp last I saw, think she still checks the forums there...
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    Bad news

    Alas I have terrible News,,, Firedancer Passed from this Realm 2 years ago i was informed recently. She will be terribly missed sigh.. May the Light of Yserbius Guide her in her journeys forever...

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    That reminds me.... Can we create something to dedicate to those that have passed away?
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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