The news hit like a train today. SOE bought Vanguard and Sigil. The move meant that just under half of Sigil Online Games employees are without work, the other half have been offered jobs by SOE. Those that stay will continue development of Vanguard in what is now SOE's Carlsbad office. We spoke to Courtney Simmons, SOE's Director of Corporate Communications and PR, about the deal and found out what happens to Jeff Butler, a new MMO prototype he's working on and where SOE sees Vanguard in their portfolio.
This new Carlsbad office is led by Director of Development Dave Gilbertson, formerly a Sigil VP and Producer of Vanguard. Former head Brad McQuaid was retained in an undefined advisory role, while Jeff Butler - the other titan of the Sigil team - is moving to SOE's San Diego office to prototype a potential new MMO project.
Butler will lead a team of five developers on this unidentified MMO prototype. However, Simmons was careful to point out that this project is by no means in full scale production. It is anyone's guess what it is or whether it ever sees the light of day. At best, it is years away from public eyes.
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