A new patch is up for Vanguard on the live server. This one features a number of fixes to the game, including an Item Power Rescale.
Item Power Rescale - Items have undergone some power rescaling. This was to address problems related to item usefulness -- these adjustments will make all higher-level items (post level 20) in Vanguard more viable for use.
When comparing the "goodness" of items of different rarity the disparity between the rarity levels became much too large at higher levels. This problem had many far-reaching repercussions. As a resolution, we have increased the amount of points ("goodness") on common, uncommon and rare items significantly. This power increase scales up from level 20 where there is no change to level 50 where there is the largest change. Commons will get the largest increase, followed by uncommons and then rares. Heroics will not receive an increase. Also, in order to support our new item scale high-level legendary items have had a very small reduction in power.
So, for you higher level players, enjoy those new, power-boosted items! Oh, and don't miss this little gem: you can now view chat as chat bubbles above the heads of players.
You can read the rest of the patch notes, by clicking read more, below.